Kumkum Bhagya 2 December Written Updates In the outdoor of the Kumkum bhagya, the ill sage is going to Sarita’s room and makes a decision to sleep in her bed because she is ill. Priyanka by chance attacked the maid Madhu. Party and direction are dancing in the birthday celebration whilst Abhi and Pragya dance together. Aaliyah looks east and looks jealous. Rhea heard how Prachi was with Ranbir whilst he back home under the influence of alcohol and jealous. Although she told the east to stay faraway from her, Alia insulted the route.

With Aryan sending Ranbir domestic, Prachi and Shahana visit the tea shop. Ranbir comes to a decision to scouse borrow the question paper, complaining about how terrible it’s miles. Shahan tries to rescue Ranbir however Prachi refuses to pay attention. Direction asked Pragya to go away the celebration right now after insulting Aliya. Pragya’s hand accompanied him as he accompanied Abhi, but he did not say some thing to her.Kumkum Bhagya 2 December Written Updates

Direction is calling a taxi and waits for her while she sees a window open. Laughing in the east path, but Alia thinks she’s smiling at him. When she sees the flood smiling inside the path, she is jealous and he or she is upset. She makes a decision to resolve the trouble permanently and drives her off earlier than achieving the taxi. Pragya turned into in the taxi whilst she saw the accident. Prachi and Shahana additionally watch the coincidence from the tea stall.

Vikram is truely dissatisfied about Ranbir getting under the influence of alcohol and wants to discover why Ranbir were given drunk. Ranbir tells his father the fact however Vikram refuses to consider him. In the morning, after the record, Vikram decides to speak to Ranbir. Aliya additionally goes domestic inebriated and tells Rhea that she’s walking away to someone and might go to jail.

Pragya sees Prachi and Shahana looking at the crime and tells her to move domestic. Pragya takes Disha to the health facility wherein she is observed with the aid of Prabhu. Prachi police display proof in a video of a car running inside the course. They song the car and determine to search for the killer. In her doorbell, Alia is crying at domestic.

In the rear of the Kumkum bhagya, Prachi and Shahana help Ranbir and Aryan get away from the principal’s house. Rhea returns domestic early from her ride due to the fact she has heard that Ranbir Prachi is drawing close. Aaliya insults Pragya at the celebration, however Pragya tells Aaliya to keep in mind her commercial enterprise and is going away. Priyanka attempted to kill the kill woman while she changed into asleep, however Sashi’s maid woke her up.

Sick Sasha goes to Sarita’s room because she is sick. He gives her drug treatments and tells the maid to take the pillow so she can sleep with Sarita. Waiting for Sarita to come lower back, the lighting in i’s room became off so she could kill him.

Pragya and course are within the dance throughout the party. Abhi and Pragya dance with each other but after a while Abhi departs. Direction danced with the east which Alia saw. The east and the course cannot reveal every different.

Madhu is going to Ishii’s room and Priyanka assaults him. Madhu cried out for help and the sage reached out to rescue her. Priyanka found out that she had located the incorrect character and she ran out the window. Says Sage says Madhu has to go to the physician.

Ranbir returns home and Rhea sees him with Aryan. Ranbir tells Aryan how he got under the influence of alcohol and how Prachi was harassing him. Rhea hesitated and headed again to her room. Arya warns Ranbir that Riya is jealous of him and her grandmother.

Direction tells East to stay far from her due to the fact he’s with Alia. When the direction is long past, Aaliya angles her and humiliates her. Hearing Alia’s insult, Direction stated that she became going to thieve from Aaliya and there was not anything to stop her.

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