Kumkum Bhagya 27 November Written Updates In the back part of the Kumkum Bhagya, Disha became bringing Pragya to the nighttime celebration for a sari. Vikram goes to Abhi’s room and complains approximately Purbab and Alia’s quarrel. Abhi says that you want two human beings in a courting, while he talks approximately Purab, he too is speakme about Alia. Prachi and Shahana get on Ranbir’s car and are going after the primary. Ranbir got a call from his father and he back domestic handiest to go back to the main’s residence. Priyanka escapes the woman out of doors the house and escapes earlier than I can discover her.

Ranbir goes to sleep with his primary and lighting fixtures up. Then he bribe the watchman and distract him to enter the residence with Aryan. Prachi and Shahana are discussing Ranbir’s plan and Prachi realizes that Ranbir is attempting to rob the examination paper.

Alia and Poorab combat in the vehicle while going to the party. Aaliya blames direction for the whole lot but Poorab says that it is Aaliya who rubs garbage with absolutely everyone. Once he’s with the birthday party, East makes a decision to speak approximately it. Abhi is already on the party and invitations Prabhu to drink with him.

Prachi and Shahana catch a taxi at night and depart. Sarita thinks they’re running far from domestic. Soon Soo tells her that they may be lower back quickly. Ranbir and Aryan await everyone to visit mattress. Then they begin searching out papers in the look at room. Ranbir drank a few water after which realized that it was not water.

Prabhu runs far from Abhi and asks him to give an explanation for his problem. Prabhu tells Avila how Aaliyah threatens the path again. Alia heard the information that she was complaining approximately Abhi. She fears that Abhi Prabhu will also ask her to depart.Kumkum Bhagya 27 November Written Updates

In the again of the Kumkum area, Dishya visited Pragya and promised to help Priyanka find her. Disha satisfied Pragya to return to the celebration that nighttime. Ranbir sees the headmaster taking the question paper and comes to a decision to thieve there. While going to Prachi, Ranbir became on his way to rob the paper. She realizes that there’s something wrong with Ranbir and makes a decision to head after him. Alia thinks she’s speaking to the east when she’s without a doubt planning a party. Poorab says he is fed up with Aaliya and desires to get divorced.

In tonight’s episode, Disha came up with a new saree to wear for Pragya’s birthday party. Pragya watches the saree and after both Sarita and Ishahi convince her she is ready to visit the birthday party with Disha. Abhi tries to find out about Priyanka and what Pragya is doing, but he can’t locate a solution. Vikram interrupted him and entered the room.

He tells Avila that he tells Prabhu and Alia to combat. He asks if their courting is ok. Abhi tells him how people are needed to work for a dating. He is speakme approximately the connection of Prabhu and Alia but he thinks about himself and Pragya due to the fact she thinks he does no longer want to be together with her.

Prachi and Shahana observe Ranbir’s automobile and spot him taking walks to the foremost’s house. Ranbir chases the essential so Prachi calls Aryan to find out if he can. Aryan attempts to lie however when he fails he cuts the decision. He attempts to warn Ranbir, however Ranbir is summoned to his father Vikram’s house after which makes a decision to pay attention to Aryan.

Some sage goes out to buy some greens. Priyanka reached her residence to have a look at him. She hides her face in duplex and hides in the back of a vehicle. She then calls to scare the scam. She does not say a phrase to him however he knows it’s her. R Says searching round, she stopped the call. Priyanka got into the cab and left earlier than she may want to catch him.

Home Sari returned domestic after Sarita slammed her for forgetting to convey greens. Ranbir is going again to the predominant’s residence with Aryan and waits for him to visit mattress earlier than robbing the question paper. Prabhu refuses to visit the birthday celebration with on Alia but Abhi is going after joining them..

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