Kumkum Bhagya 5 December Written Updates, Rhea advises Prachi to pull back her body of evidence against Alia, however Prachi will not do as such. Prachi says that Alia purposefully ran toward the path with her vehicle. Sanju and his companions are still in Delhi thinking about another approach to get to Prachi. In any case, the server he used to battle against Prachi sees them and coerces them for cash. Sanju and his companion are presently compelled to think about an approach to pay the server. Rhea calls Abhi and reveals to him that Prachi tosses Alia behind bars. She advises Abhila Aliya to get out yet Abhi can’t support Rhea. She went to the police headquarters and attacked Alia for detaining her. Be that as it may, police additionally took steps to capture Rhea.

Alia advises Rhea to leave however she won’t go anyplace. Vikram shows Alia with a legal advisor and a rescue sheet to get him of prison. Alia says thanks to Vikram for helping her when police say she tossed cash at him and removed her from her violations. Both Alia and Rhea have chosen to pay Prachi for recording the wrongdoing.

At the medical clinic, Direa woke up and was astonished to locate her east outside the entryway. Pragya is near the bearing and reveals to her how the east took care of everything to ensure that the course gets the best treatment. When Pragya goes out, he goes toward the east room and sits along the bearing. Priyanka is in her room when Bellboy enters and gives her the paper.

Priyanka peruses the updates on her demise or vanishing and is energized. She presently trusts Abhi will be more constrained to detain Hopes Sage. Pondering whether the entertainer got the journal, she said that if Abhi was a journal, presently Sashi would have been imprisoned till now. Sarshi is moving back to her old home with Sarita, Prachi and Shahana. Kumkum Bhagya 5 December Written Updates

Course and east offer minutes together. Disha reveals to Purbab that she has no resentment for Prabhu and she doesn’t detest him. At the point when the heart goes into the room, they are interfered. Heading instructed him to return home and rest before coming back to the house. Abhi calls Purbab and reveals to him that Alia was in prison because of an incident toward the path and the two of them imagine that Alia did this deliberately.

Abhi attempts to call Rhea yet she says that she wouldn’t like to converse with him since he didn’t help Alia. Container was stunned when he understood the report about Priyanka in the papers and chose to conceal the page. Prabhu shows up home and discloses to Grandma that the bearing is fine. He admonishes Alia for tearing down heading and knowledge.

In the back of the Kumkum bhagya, Alia hit Direction with her vehicle. Prachi and Shahana attempt to pursue the vehicle to confront the driver, yet they can’t get it. Pragya and Prabhu take the way to the medical clinic. Prachi and Shahana report to the police the reason for the mishap and give the vehicle’s number to the police. Poorab converses with the specialist and tells the specialist that he is a spouse of heading. Alia uncovers the episode and admits to Rhea that she has caused disarray and mishap.

Alia is engaged with an attempt at manslaughter case as police hurry to capture her. Talking about his sentiments about the course of floods with Pragya. Pragya causes him to comprehend that he has done nothing incorrectly. She requests that he quiet down and stop, yet Prabhu plainly says that he can hardly wait any more. Alia and Rhea dread the police. Rhea fears Alia is captured and she instructs him to deny everything.

Police say the attempt at manslaughter case was accounted for by Aliya. Rhea gets out and doesn’t let the police get Alia. The police get Alia and Rhea strikes her. Ria contended with Grandma about Prachi doing it for all purposes. She goes out of control and needs to show Prichi a thing or two, be that as it may, Meera and the others quiet her down.

Seeing Sarita who was sick, Prachi came all the way back. Somebody has attempted to assault Madhu, and Andi has educated the police. Sarita considers Pragya. Priya gets Ria’s call and Shahana doesn’t let her accept the call. Rhea is distraught when Grandma’s more seasoned sister tags along. She couldn’t have cared less for Alia. Rhea needed to manage Prachi in her own specific manner, and she disappeared to converse with Prachi. Mira doesn’t need others to contact the legal advisor, as Ria has plainly expressed.

Grandmother stresses over heading and attempts to get in touch with her. Pallavi wishes to converse with Prachi and convinces her to pull back her case so that Alia can return. In the interim, Rhea lands at the antiquated spot, attempting to persuade her. At the point when she persuasively attempts to keep her from going into the house, she runs with Madhu and departures her. Rhea requests to address Prachi. Prachi lands to meet Rhea.

In the following scene, Prachi goes up against Riya and censures her for being impolite to Madhu ji. She threatens to slap Rhea. Ria Pu says that she isn’t his sister to slap

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