Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020, Abhi asks why it is difficult for Prachi to get bail. The lawyer says that this is difficult because the theft took place and the police will also blame Prachi’s mother.

Abhi gets shocked. Pragya reaches Abhi’s office and says that she wants to meet Mr. Mehra. Pragya gets Sarita’s call that she doesn’t tell him big things. This time the receptionist informs Abhi that someone wants to meet her. Abhi tells her to wait.

Pragya says that she cannot wait and is going to meet Mr. Mehra. The employee informs Abhi that Prachi Ma is coming to meet her as she calls Ranbir.

Ranbir puts Riya on the couch and rubs her feet. Pallavi teases her and asks her how are you sleeping with Riya. Riya says that I met Ranbir at the police station as he went to meet Maya.

Pallavi asks if you went to meet Prachi. Ranbir says yes mom. Thanh Riya once calls Alia and informs her that the Maya scheme works perfectly.

Aaliya asks her to meet her room to call Sanju. Riya says that we almost came to your room because of Sanju ND. Pallavi says that you lied to Vikram and Ranbir broke your friendship with Prachi.

Ranbir reminds Prachi of his behavior and says that she will break our friendship and I don’t think she will like me so I congratulate her. Riya gets happy thinking that she broke these 2 friendships using Maya.

Pallavi and Vikram follow him but he goes to the room and closes the door and tells them to leave. Ranbir notices Aryan sleeping in her room. Aryan asks what happened.

Ranbir says that I saw Sanju at the station but does not know what he is doing. Vikram asks her to leave him for some time. Pallavi says that it is because of you and calls Ranbir, but she does not respond later than she says to answer.

Aryan says that Sanju is involved in this case. Ranbir is true but I am wondering how. Aryan asks where did you see him.

Ranbir says in the police station, Pragya goes to Abhi’s room without listening to anyone.

Riya happily hugs Alia and tells him that she used Maya to tell Prachi the truth, saying that Ranbir tried to get Maya’s help and Prachi blamed her and now Ranbir It seems that their friendship is over because they are not even going to talk to each other.

Aaliya happily congratulates her and asks Riya to send her money to know Sanju’s condition. Riya calls Sanju and thanks him for releasing her men.

Riya asks where to bring the money. Sanju asks her to come to his house. Riya walks away with money.

Ranbir chases Sanju in the car and reminds him how he came to know of Sanju in the bail papers with the help of SI. Sanju feels that no one can trace him.

Pragya says how can you tell me after ruining my daughter’s life? You used to say that she is like your daughter, but Prachi will come out of jail if you want, but this leaves her stunned.

Prachi smiles looking at Lado remembering her moments with Ranbir and thinks that I cannot find what I am saying about you, I feel better when you are near me and I’m really in love with her? If Maya does not come from her then I can confess to her that I love her.

The lawyer takes out his ear phone and asks who you are. Pragya says how do you know me when I forget Prachi. The lawyer says that we are trying to save him.

Pragya says don’t pretend, let her arrest you with her. Lawyer gets confused and says that I am not what you are thinking that I am Mr. Mehra lawyer which he left from private lift.

Pragya says don’t lie to me. The lawyer giving his card said that he is Rakesh and leaves Abhi after calling Ranbir and the receptionist did not mention that Prachi’s mother had come to meet him and you can wait for him.

Pragya speaks sorry to her. Lawyer says, it’s okay that I can understand you and leaves.

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