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Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 10 August 2020, Prachi says that Rahul is revealing his plan to destroy you but you are standing here talking about Yer. Ranbir says that going Rahul is a part of my destiny but whenever I am in trouble I feel that you have written in my destiny to solve my problem.

Prachi says I will be because we are friends and Maya will not let you marry. Ranbir says that I want to love once and fulfill every word about my love. Prachi looks lost to him. Vikram asks Ranbir where she is. Ranbir says he is going to the office with Prachi. Vikram asked him to come back home as they are power cuts in the office.

Pallavi says I don’t want to participate in our relative marriage. BG tells her to get ready. Mira asks what is happening. Pallavi says I have to go to the wedding but no interest. Meera says sometimes it happens, I don’t want to attend Ranbir Sangeet with Maya but sometimes we have to come too.

Rhea is right, you guys go away from the function and come back immediately. Pallavi says I missed you. Rhea said I missed you. Ranbir reached home with Prachi. BG asks how you get home early. Ranbir says there is a problem with electricity in the office so we have to work from home.

BG says Riya you left Ranbir when he was in trouble but Prachi is with him and has done her duty as a friend. Riya said she is Ranbir’s girlfriend. Riya said that even after many efforts, why Ranbir’s marriage has stumbled on Maya, still don’t worry about Ranbir, I will do it.

Pallavi says it will happen soon and he appreciates Prachi for always taking sides for Ranbir and his happiness. Ranbir says that their friendship has gone to another level, which means best friend. Rhea looks upset. Pallavi goes to get coffee for everyone.

Prachi shows signs of Ranbir coming upstairs, he doesn’t understand this other than sending a message that Rahul should settle the matter later otherwise there will be tension. Rhea sees their signs and she takes a drink and she consciously drips on the wall. BG asked Prachi to change Ranbir’s room. Rhea thinks that when I’m not here you all get close but now you can’t come.

Prachi goes to Ranbir’s room and when she sees everything messed up, she makes arrangements. Ranbir looks at everything through the window and thinks that Prachi knows how to set everything in my life and I want to bring it into her life, he says I wish so soon. Prachi hears someone’s voice but runs away before she can take her cousin.

Pallavi asks why are you so happy about what is happening? Ranbir asks why you didn’t clean my room because of what my guest or anyone thinks of me. Pallavi told him to clean it or bring your wife for you. Ranbir reminds me of Prachi and what I say if I find her.

Pallavi thinks she can’t be Prachi because she denies that they are more in love than who she is. If Ranbir says that I am at our house this time. Pallavi looks at Riya and says I knew this and she is ready to take Maya away from your life, can I talk about her love with her family? Ranbir says let’s end Maya’s problem and yet I didn’t give her a full confession, only a half confession. Pallavi asks what he asked. Ranbir says she said no.

Pallavi says how can someone deny you, you are hiding something. Riya listens to everything and thinks that if Ranbir takes Prachi’s name instead of everyone marrying him, she hopes she won’t take her name.

Prachi sees Bangla Jhumka in Ranbir’s room and finds out what else he is hiding.

Ranbir thinks when I tell my mother that I confess to her that when I drink she will like me but she teases me but when our love comes to another level I will confess to her.

Pallavi says she will accept your love and sends Cashew to ask BG. Once he goes out, Pallavi asks Riya to come out and says I know you are listening to our words and I know everything that happens in Ranbir’s life because of my relationship with you and your mother. Rhea was shocked.

Vikram and Alia reach home. BG just says cashews in the kitchen. Vikram asks where is Prachi? Ranbir shows her. Vikram asked Prachi to take a check from Sharma.

Prachi agrees and goes to pick up her phone from Ranbir’s room. Pallavi asked, “Did Alia know that you like Ranbir?”

Riya is happy as Pallavi doesn’t understand that Ranbi is talking about Prachi. Rhea says how do you know I love him. Pallavi says that Prachi is just his friend so Ranbir loves you. Rhea intends to use this misconception.

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