Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 10th Saptember 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 10th Saptember 2020, Dushyant is who you are and why you are going inside.

Prachi remembers Dushyant’s warning. Ranbir says don’t be afraid, I’m with you. Dushyant asks Ranbir who he is.

Aaliya asks Riya what Maya answers. Riya says that she refused to go back but Ranbir took the stand for me for the first time and I fell in love with her.

Alia assured that Ranbir would marry her.

Rahul asks Shahana (Sardar) to give him his dress so that he can stop Maya’s marriage.

Shahana realizes that he is Rahul and Rahul takes the dancer’s clothes from another. Shahana calls Aryan.

Ranbir, holding Prachi’s hand, asked Dushyant to respect the woman.

Dushyant asks who he is. Ranbir stops to say about Prachi but he stops saying that I am Ranbir’s friend Praveen’s wife and he asks her to learn to respect the woman. Dushyant notices Sarita and asks her what she is doing here.

Ranbir says that he is caterer when Dushyant is right but Ranbir says that if you ask me, I can call another caterer.

Dushyant left Ranbir. Prachi comes to Sarita and says that Ranbir needs to stand up for me, she reveals to me.

Sarita says that if someone takes a stand for me then I fell in love with the person.

Aryan wore the dress of Shahna Sardar. Shahana takes him aside and shows Rahul walking out in a Dhol Man costume.

Aryan says it is a wedding or fancy dress competition. Shahana says that Rahul does not want this to be a marriage. Aryan says that he is not understanding.

Shahana calls Prachi to find out her location and then Prachi goes to the place.

Sarita smiles seeing Shahana. Shahana says that she saw Rahul and now he is walking around in different costumes like us.

Prachi asks but their plan is different. Aryan says that Maya decides not to divorce Ranbir after marriage and he abandons his plan because Ranbir is from a good family.

Prachi says yes, she is caring, loving, sensitive. Everyone looks at him suspiciously.

Prachi says what do I have to do. Sarita says that if I am more than you, then I propose her and run away from this pavilion.

Prachi says that I am asking about how to expose Maya? Can we ask Rahul to tell everyone that he loves Maya. Shahana says that she cannot talk to Dushyant.

Sarita says that if he is drunk he will reveal the truth. Prachi and others agree to implement the scheme.

The beautician says you are ready and when she asks the beautician to leave Maya when she needs to go down. Maya thinks that she is lucky enough to marry Ranbir who is a Dream Boy for many.

Rahul enters Maya’s room and says that you are good. Maya screams who are you. Rahul reveals that he is Rahul. Maya asks him to leave before any problems arise.

Rahul says that he will not drink alcohol or cause any trouble and he wants his marriage as he will come to her after divorcing Ranbir. Maya agrees but thinks of doing something for Rahul.

Dushyant asks why you don’t want to make Sarita a caterer.

Ranbir says that Prachi breaks her promise that she did not attend the wedding and I hated her whole family and he says that he goes to his friend to relieve his stress.

Mr. Chaubey asks what happened. Dushyant says that we warn Prachi not to attend this wedding and Ranbir feels that he has broken his promise so it is good for us. The Pandit enters. Dushyant asks her to start the ritual.

Dushyant asks Vikram to call Abhi for marriage. Vikram calls him. Aryan makes a glass of strong wine for Rahul and says that he will reveal the truth to everyone.

Prachi says that we have to tell Rahul that Maya does not want to divorce Ranbir after marriage because she will get angry.

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