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Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 11 August 2020, Pallavi says that your love story is moving like mine, although when they proposed to you like me, I did not accept his proposal. Rhea really says. Pallavi says yes now Vikram is with me and I want Ranbir to be yours. Rhea says you’re too sweet.

Pallavi says that your father and Vikram are good friends so I want you to be my daughter-in-law. Rhea says she is embarrassed and Prachi ignores them. Riya told Pallavi not to let Prachi know anything.

Prachi asks Pallavi to make tea for Vikram and Alia. Pallavi says she is ready. Rhea said she would give tea. Prachi went to complete the task given by Vikram.

Pallavi takes cashews. Riya asks why you send Ranbir when you know the location of the cashews. Pallavi says to talk to you that’s why I said this sweet.

Ranbir is going to go with Prachi but Alia asks why are you going with her. Ranbir asks to help Prachi. Rhea says you can’t go with her. “We want to attend Agarwal’s wedding,” Alia said. Vikram and Pallavi tell Ranbir to get ready. Prachi left saying bye.

Prachi Sharma goes to the office and pays the cash saying the check is not being given to her. Prachi feels confused and reaches out instead of using the record number but Sharma can’t reach out to her instead of telling her to call Alia. Prachi says she can’t handle 10 lacs and asks her to send someone but Alia tells her to take the money herself. Prachi took cash from Sharma.

Reminiscing about the close moments of Ranbir and Prachi, Riya gets ready and she gets angry and spoils everything and Alia enters her room and asks what happened. Riya said nothing happens to me, when Prachi enters my life things changed and she became Ranbir’s dream girl.

Alia asked if he confessed to it. Riya said yes she had confessed this to Pallavi Aunty but her confession was misunderstood that it was for me, if Ranbir and Prachi get together I will kill myself I will not listen to anyone. Alia slaps her and assures her that nothing will happen until she is alive and tells her not to talk like that so she will get Ranbir.

Riya said that Ranbir’s family loves Prachi and when they found out that Ranbir loves her, they gave my place to Prachi. Alia said it would not happen. “If everyone starts hating Prachi at home and in the office, Ranbir will be mine,” Riya said. Alia smiled and said she would. Rhea asks how.

Prachi goes home and closes the door and tells Shahana and Sarita Ben that 10laks are in the bag and she has to keep it with her until she deposits the amount in the office. Sarita tells Ben Prachi to keep the bag in Pragya’s room without waking Pragya so that the thieves can’t take it. The sage asks how the chirds will enter.

Sanju escaped from prison and began to take revenge on the people who sent him to jail and his love planned to meet Prachi. Rhea asks what is your plan?

Alia said that the money of our company was stolen from her and Prachi is blamed for stealing the money and sending it to whom. Than Riya gets a call from Sanju. Sanju asks Riya about Prachi’s current address. Rhea says come to my place instead of taking you to Prachi. Sanju agrees. Riya tells Alia that Sanju will fulfill their plan

Ranbir says he can’t stay at the wedding and goes to meet Prachi and tells Aryan to manage everything. Rhea takes Sanju inside. Sanju calls Alia Aunty.

Alia says don’t call me aunty and she says you should steal money from Prachi’s house instead of getting 20% ​​share. Sanju says I can give you more money if you need people. Alia says we want you to steal money from that company so that everyone will blame Prachi for stealing money.

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