Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 11th Saptember 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 11th Saptember 2020, Abhi goes through the call Vikram says that people are missing you here.

Abhi replies sarcastically that he cannot. Dushyant takes the phone and asks her to come and gives the phone to Vikram.

Abhi says that Hungu will come with me and tell me once that I will stop this marriage.

Vikram says come friend. Abhi says I am coming. Vikram says that Abhi is coming.

Shahana confuses Rahul and sends him to the guest room saying that they will give him money. Rahul goes to the room.

Shahana informs Prachi about this. Prachi and others think to call Ranbir to accept Maya.

Shahana says I will get her. Than Prachi and Sarita ask Aryan to manage.

BG asks Pallavi if she accepted Maya as she is happily dancing. Pallavi says that when she heard the sound of dhol, it is her right to dance Punjabi.

Ranbir asks BG to release Pallavi. Pallavi says that I can never tease Maya because she let me go. Shahna (Sardar) closed his eyes towards Ranbir. Mrs Chaubey says that you are pouncing on the groom.

Shahana says that Ranbir is my childhood friend. Ranbir says that he does not know that Shahana comes to him to notice him.

Ranbir realizes that he is Shahana and is about to go to Prachi’s place but Pandit calls him. Dushyant stops Ranbir from going anywhere and asks him to sit on the pavilion.

Shahana informs Prachi about this. Riya departs from the pavilion.

Rahul goes to the guest room. Aryan and Sarita ask her to drink. Rahul says that he cannot. Sarita asks him to get someone who can drink alcohol to get more money.

Rahul agrees and drinks alcohol. Shahana enters. Prachi surrounds her and asks where Ranbir is. Shahna said that Ranbir is in the pavilion and he cannot come.

Rahul unconscious Prachi notices that Maya is going to the pavilion and says that everything is over.

Aaliya goes after Riya and says that everything will be alright. Riya says this every time you are saying this but nothing is happening so please do something.

Aaliya says that I have done something so stop and rest for a while so that I can solve your problems.

Ranbir is seen everywhere. Pandit tells him to concentrate. Ranbir asks Vikram to stop this marriage to Abhi. Vikram agrees. Riya sits near Ranbir in the pavilion.

Pandits say that the good times have passed, so they have suggested that they cover the bride in the veil until the good times begin. Mrs Chaubey covers Maya’s face. Remembering his moments with Prachi, Ranbir feels emotional.

Ranbir said that he cannot marry Maya. Dushyant warns Pallavi to kill her if he cannot marry. Ranbir says no and it is based on his imagination.

Pallavi and others ask what happened. Ranbir does not say anything. Pandits pour something into Agni Gunda, which emits heavy smoke. Everyone leaves from the pavilion.

Later Mrs Chaubey asks what happened. Pandit says that perhaps he added more and asked him to bring the bride and groom.

Mrs. Chaubey brings the bride and it reveals Prachi under the veil. Ranbir happily sits next to him and thanks him.

Mr. Choubey asks why Ranbir suddenly seems happy. Dushyant says that perhaps he realized that Maya is life. Ranbir feels that if Prachi is with him then he can fight the whole world.

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