Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 12 August 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 12 August 2020, Alia and Riya come to Sanju and ask him to do his job. She tells him to steal the money and once the money is stolen we will blame Prachi. Sanju says she is not crazy to tarnish her image and asks what is the use of it? Alia tells Riya that she can’t do this. He was telling Sanju Hat when Riya called him. Rhea tells him to listen carefully to her booze. She asked Sanju to talk to her and explain.

Alia goes. Sanju advises her to change her booze and says that she will always be happy. Riya said that what Buji was saying was for your benefit, if you don’t do it, Ranbir and Prachi will stand before your eyes. Maya calls Ranbir. Ranbir picks up the call and is driving the car. Maya calls Dushyant.

Dushyant asks him when he will come home to take Maya for marriage. Ranbir says that Prachi wanted to be selected and had to go for some business with her. He says this work is very important. Dushyant is fine and the call ends. Maya was upset. Dushyant asks if she has any doubts about Ranbir not doing professional work.

Rhea asks if he won’t get anything from Prachi? Sanju says you told me that Ranbir was telling his mother about his love affair. Rhea said we have to end those talks. Sanju says that God has set a trap for Ranbir by sending Maya. He says otherwise Prachi would have married Ranbir.

Riya tells him to steal money from Prachi’s house so that her image will be shattered in front of Ranbir and his family. Abhi comes there. Riya and Sanju were shocked. Sanju hides. Abhi asks Riya if she didn’t go to the wedding? Rhea said no. Abhi looks back. Sanju is hiding and Abhi is thinking of beating him from the bridge. Abhi is going to be aware of someone’s presence. Sneeze Rhea to get your attention.

Sanju thinks that for his benefit he will have to burglarize Prachi’s house, he thinks that they will meet today and she will fall in love with her. Prachi wakes up at night and thinks of Sarita Behen’s words. Someone found him hiding and beat him. That son is Ranbir. Sanju brings the goons and tells them that they want to steal Rs 10 lakh from here and divide the two equally. They ask then what will he get? Sanju says he is rich and does not need money, he came here to take his sister-in-law. Ranbir tells Prachi that he is missing her and she was worried whether she reached home safely or not.

Prachi asks if he has a phone and asks what she will think if mom sees you. She says Ma will break my legs and pull your cheeks. Riya called Sanju and told her that she had to go with her father and asked if the money had been stolen. Sanju says it has been stolen, I have come to get you ice cream. He says he went to steal the money. Wisdom knocked on the door and asked if she was OK.

Prachi says she is fine. Wisdom says someone is in her room. Prachi says no one and fell on Ranbir. She told him to hide. Wisdom says there is someone in the room and inspects the room. Prachi says no one. Sister Sarita comes and asks why there is light? Prachi closed the window. Wisdom says if someone came through the window here. Ranbir is still hiding behind the window.

Riya calls Ranbir to inform him, but he does not take her call. Dimpy comes over and hugs Rhea. Rhea thanks her for her support. Dimpy asked what do you think about Ranbir? Sanju tries to open the window and uses the tools.

Prachi tells Ranbir to leave. Ranbir says I want to tell you something and I say… .Subhan Allah plays. What does Prachi ask? Shahana called her. Prachi turned off the lights and asked Ranbir to do his homework next time. He felt that he could not tell Prachi that he loved Ranbir.

Sanju opened the window and looked at Ranbir’s back and she thought that Riya had given the theft to someone else. He calls Rhea but she doesn’t answer. The goon says that anyone who steals money will get it. Sanju smiles and says you are right. Shahana says her sleep has been disturbed. She says she will not sleep in Sarita’s sister’s room. Prachi wonders who that person might be.

Sarita tells her sister Shahana to sleep in Prachi’s room. Prachi thinks that Ranbir is gone or not and if Shahana sees her she will criticize me. She asked Shahana if she had seen the cockroach killing bottle and said there were four large cockroaches near her bed. Sharana said she would sleep with Sarita Ben.

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