Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 13 August 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 13 August 2020, Why didn’t Prachi ask Ranbir? Ranbir says it is an adventure, now he can speak. Prachi says this is suicide for me and tells me to go. Ranbir says I came the wrong way and says he will go out, knock on the door and come in. Prachi asks why Alas? Ranbir says he has two reasons to come here. He asks why you are upset and why you are looking at me. Prachi shows the jewelry and asks how it came to your dressing table.

Ranbir says I don’t know. She says it’s mine and asks if he stole it. She asks if he likes to wear it. Ranbir says no and says you must have kept it on purpose. He says I care about you so much because you consider me my friend. Ranbir says you don’t understand me, you hurt me, I’m leaving.

Prachi is still standing. Ranbir says I will not come back. Prachi tells him to go and says crazy, play queen. He’ll be back before I count to 20. She started the countdown. Sanju and the goons see Ranbir coming out and cover their faces.

Ranbir finds Sanju’s voice familiar and he is going to approach him, but only then does someone blow the horn and he leaves. Sanju asks Riya if her booze stole the money and sent it to someone? Rhea said my booze didn’t send anyone and was angry at you. Alia takes the call and says she didn’t send anyone, telling him to work. Rhea asks if she won’t do our job. Alia tells her to wait for the gospel. Sanju says he doesn’t like Riya’s booze. Ranbir left. Sanju wears a mask to steal.

Prachi is waiting for Ranbir and thinks he must be gone. Shahana asks her if Ranbir has come? Prachi says he didn’t come. Shana said you must have asked him to come out of the house. Prachi tells her to calm down. Sanju came to Prachi’s house and told the goons to turn off the fuse if anyone came. Prachi says he will be beaten if he comes back. Shahana asks if Ranbir had come even with a smile.

Prachi tells him to keep quiet. Sanju locked Pragya’s door and told the goons that the members of the house were awake. Wisdom says open my door. Prachi also tried to open the door. Shahana asked if Ranbir closed the door. Prachi says it won’t. Sanju sits on a chair and tells the goons to leave the rooms and search the whole house. Pragya got worried and called Prachi. She says they have to go out to get her home because she has money in her room. Sarita Behen thinks to see them. Rhea calls Sanju.

Sanju thinks he is stealing and she wants a live telecast. Dimpy asks Rhea if this is right? Rhea tells her to be quiet, let her talk to Sanju first. Sanju takes her call and says she is doing her job, no network and the call ends. Rhea said he wouldn’t let me speak.

Sarita Behen looks at the goons and thinks that the women cannot take the opportunity to become singham. She throws the object at the goons and opens the door. He was beaten by Pragya, Shahana, Prachi and Sarita Behen. The goons run into Pragya’s room. Sarita Behen asks why you locked them inside, there is money in the room. The thugs open the cupboards and make money. He called Sanju and informed her that the money had been stolen. Sanju tells them to come down the window.

Riya tells Alia if Sanju is caught? He calls her and tells her that the money has been stolen. He is coming to pay her. Since Riya’s father is at home, Alia tells him to come tomorrow. Sanju is fine. Rhea asks what’s next? The goon tries to jump out the window. Sarita Ben hit them with a stick. They run back into the room. Pragya and Prachi open the door and enter. They snatch bags from them and throw them at each other. Sarita Behen thinks to go inside and beat them.

Sarita Ben threw the bag and she clung to the fan. They tie the goons to a chair and ask Shahana to tell them when the police will come. Sanju thinks to come there and get money from the fan. Prachi called the police. Sanju comes in and puts a knife to Prachi’s neck. He slapped his men for beating women. Wisdom told her to leave the girl. Sanju says how can I do anything to her, she is mine.

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