Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 14 August 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 14 August 2020, Pragya told them to leave Prachi and agreed to pay them. Sanju says they will not do anything if Prachi obeys his orders. Instead, Pragya and Shah gather his men and lock the door and leave.

Prachi said how could she answer in the office. Wisdom says money will come and everything will be fine. Prachi tells how it will come, the people of the company will blame me that I stole 10laks and I can’t face it. Prachi felt bad seeing Prachi’s broken condition.

Vikram asks why you people are not present at the ceremony? As my hand burned, Rhea asked me to take care of her. Rhea said did you talk to Prachi?

Alia stops her and says that instead of Vikram making a missed call and calling her back, Prachi tried to reach her but she did not respond to his call. Pallavi said it is midnight and the two go to their room. Alia asks Riya to lower her enthusiasm.

Pragya and Prachi lodged a complaint at the police station and Prachi says that I saw the keys of the bike which caused them to come on the bike and your constable unlocked our door. Observers say they will catch the culprits soon.

Prachi said mother I can inform Vikram Saran about this. Pragya nodded but he realized that the phones were not with him and considered going to call once he got home.

Ranbir is expecting a call from Prachi but he has got a call from Aryan. Aryan asked what happened. Ranbir says that Prachi was upset with me, I will be the best husband because of my looks and other things but Prachi doesn’t understand why. Aryan says the intensity is low. Ranbir is fine and thinks of calling Prachi.

Prachi says that Vikram Sir is not answering. Shah said it is night time so let them know at the press conference tomorrow.

Riya happily thinks that Prachi was blamed at the press conference and she can’t even find out who is behind the plan and she will have to pay the price to get closer to Ranbir.

Prachi thinks that no one has seen me in cash more than how the thieves found out about the money I had and because of that she got confused.

Vikram was ready for the press conference. Vikram says it will start a little late. Rhea asks where Prachi is, she is just right for this conference.

Ranbir says that maybe she is on her way. Abhi enters the room and informs Abhila about Sharma Pech’s check rather than Vikram. Abhi says Ranbir will be the next rockstar. Ranbir says don’t joke in the morning.

Abhi says I am serious, you sing from the heart, so you will succeed. Vikram and others agree.

Alia got a call from the seller and asked Vikram Sharma for Rs 10 lakh in cash. Vikram says cash. Alia says no Prachi didn’t give you that money.

Abhi says Prachi is here so he asks her. There are tears in Abhi’s eyes. Ranbir asked what happened. Prachi says the money she received from Sharma was stolen and gave an explanation of the incident. Abhi says relax. Riya looks at Prachi’s hand and it seems that Sanju has physically put her in the gut too, Riya asks how is your mother. Prachi is fine. Pallavi says it is good to know that everyone is safe.

Prachi said she tried to call her. Vikram says ok I didn’t notice your call. Alia said Prachi was pretending to steal company money. Abhi says Alia.

Wisdom cares at home. Sarita asks why you are worried. Pragya said what would be their reaction. Sarita said Mr. Mehta is good. What Pragya said was what grew up. Sarita says she belongs to her family more than the employees so don’t worry.

Pragya says that money can change relationships, if they don’t understand Prachi.
Abhi asks what do you mean. Alia says the Prachi area is sealed more properly than how the thief stayed? 10 Articles Nothing for us but she is big for her family.

Prachi said she doesn’t make any stories. “This is your fake story and now you are stealing money by getting everyone’s trust,” Alia said.

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