Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 14th Saptember 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 14th Saptember 2020, Aryan and Maya covers with clothes and prays to God to save them.

BG, Pallavi, Vikram discuss how to cancel the marriage but they changed the subject after seeing Mrs Chaubey. Mr. Choubey smiled. Ranbir says that Choubey is smiling even though he is being mocked.

Prachi sadly says that you can ask me what the real joke is. Ranbir asks are you happy.

Prachi says that I have no choice and reminds me how tired they were after seeing Maya going to the pavilion and Sarita plans to change the things of Havan so that Shahana takes Ranbir from the pavilion.

Ranbir feels that I know you think I have made a mistake, but if I did not do this, Maya would be in place of Prachi next to you and would remind how Maya shouted seeing Prachi.

Ranbir asks Maya to try to call his elder father but Prachi takes that phone and says that Rahul will tell everyone everything.

Ranbir says that when he agreed. Prachi feels that she revealed to him that she did not agree.

The Pandit asks the bride to put her hand in the groom.

Ranbir put his hand forward. Prachi thinks how she promised her mother that she will not marry his love without getting permission from him and now she feels that Pragya will feel bad.

The Pandit asks him to forward the hand which is confused with the behavior of Maya (Prachi).

Riya says that Sarita aunty is right and Kumkum Bhagya should be written in our fate. Aaliya asks whose fate it is written. Riya says that it is written in luck of your brother’s daughter.

Prachi feels sorry mom I am breaking your promise to save Ranbir and his family and she holds Ranbir’s hand. Riya and Ranbir’s family get a shock.

Aaliya gets a call and she says that I am getting a call and no one can snatch your Ranbir from you, let’s wait and see what I will do and what I will do.

Prachi tells how Maya says she has no boyfriend. Prachi says that we came to know about the plan to divorce Ranbir after your marriage.

Ranbir says that the plan has changed and Prachi fights him. Maya smiles and says that you guys are fighting like children and you cannot scare me with these threats because you cannot find Rahul.

Prachi says that Rahul is in dancer’s costume and your secret is out. Maya apologizes to Prachi and tells her not to inform her family that she will go with Rahul or else his father will shoot him. Ranbir and Prachi appear.

Ranbir says that I never think I will marry my love in this way. Prachi feels that I want to marry you but not in this way. Riya goes after Aaliya and asks what happened.

Aaliya goes out with Riya.

Ranbir feels that we thought Maya was out, but she became the drama queen and reminds that to eliminate Prachi, Maya said that Prachi is trying to throw her from the window of the room.

Ranbir stops her and in the process, Maya gets hurt due to wardrobe and lost consciousness. Mrs. Chaubey knocked on the door and asked Maya to come out.

Prachi and Ranbir get scared thinking that Dushyant will kill them. Mrs Chaubey says that I am not coming in any more than Ranbir.

Mrs. Choubey tells them to come early and they place Maya on the couch. Mrs Chaubey goes inside the room and asks about Maya. Ranbir was shocked.

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