Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 15th Saptember 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 15th Saptember 2020, Mrs Chaubey asks where is Maya. Ranbir manages her and signs Prachi to cover Maya.

Prachi covers her with a quilt, Ranbir takes Maya Dupatta and throws her towards Maya but it falls into Prachi. Mrs Chaubey thinks she is Maya and asks him to come.

Ranbir says that Maya vows not to talk and if she talks in the middle she says that God will break our marriage. Mrs Choubey says why do you take this kind of oath and asks them to come with you.

Ranbir says that if you spoil her mood, she will cancel the marriage. Dushyant put a revolver on Ranbir’s head, saying that Maya always wants to marry Ranbir and if she doesn’t want to, we can do something so I will not leave her.

Mrs. Choubey sent him saying that they would settle their differences and the two would go out.

Prachi asks what do we have to do. Ranbir says that you have to marry me. Dushyant swears to kill Ranbir if Maya will not marry him.

Ranbir requests Prachi to act like a bride until Abhi comes to break her marriage. Dushyant asks him to come quickly, when Mrs. Chaubey goes in and goes to the pavilion with Maya who is Prachi.

Ranbir messages Aryan and asks him to manage Maya, saying that Prachi is in the pavilion. Ranbir feels that this is not to explain to my family.

Dushyant’s call comes, his gun falls down while taking the phone. Pallavi and others get scared. Mr. Choubey asks Vikram to take this gun as an omen.

Ranbir asks him to accept it but Vikram says that he does not know how to use it. Dushyant made the call stating the wrong number and asked Pandit to proceed for marriage.

Prachi feels that Shahana and Sarita Mausi will be worried for me as I have not got time to tell them.

Sarita and Shaha search for Prachi and wonder if Dushyant hides Prachi and Aryan after seeing them. Shahana thinks to delay the wedding and tells Sarita to search for Prachi.

Pragya in the house thinks where everyone went and asks the neighbor about them. She says that she does not know and praises Pragya for helping the poor children.

Aaliya calls Madan to do her work. he agrees. His friend asks him to leave the gold market to buy gifts from the groom’s family.

Madan asks who is your boss. Others say about Dushyant but he gets interrupted and he leaves.

Aaliya says that you will be Ranbir’s bride and I got the idea of ​​the bride swapping and I have already summoned the kidnapper to avoid Maya and arranged the wedding dress too.

Riya gets excited and they see Shahana (Sardar) and Riya thinks that I feel something strange. Aaliya tells her to focus on her plan. Shahana reaches the pavilion.

Mrs Chaubey gives gun to Dushyant. Shahana feels that Ranbir will marry my sister. Prachi says that Shahana is looking for me.

Ranbir cools him down by saying that they can. Pallavi asks Sardar (Shahana) whose side he is. Shahana pounces on him. Pallavi says that I am your mom age.

Shahana reveals her identity and takes Pallavi apart. Vikram says that Sardar is taking my wife to BG. They go after him and Vikram shows it to BG. Pallavi tells him to stop.

Riya says how to handle everything after my marriage with Ranbir. Alia says that we will have to execute this plan later. Riya happily says that her aunt will fix everything.

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