Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 16th Saptember 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 16th Saptember 2020, Shaha is the one who shows Vikram and BG her true form and asks them to take the Pallavi aunt apart to break up this marriage and how they changed their form to avoid Dushyant who did not join them in marriage.

Warned to be told that his plan is to stop him and Prachi told him about the plan.

Vikram and Pallavi praise his plan. Shahana asks Pallavi and BG to fight for the delay in marriage to find Prachi and Aryan.

Everyone agrees and goes to the pavilion.

Ranbir dances with Prachi Dushyant says that the girl next to Ranbir cannot be Maya and asks him to stand. Pandit says that it is Abhayushun, but Dushyant asks him to aim.

Sarita notices Aryan in the bride’s room and asks what he is doing in this room.

Aryan says that I am guarding Maya in this room and Prachi is in the pavilion near Ranbir.

Sarita asks where is Maya. Aryan shows him Maya.

Maya holds Ranbir’s hand. Dushyant says why you cannot understand it even after my warning. Ranbir says talk with me and this is happening because of me.

Vikram asks why are you firing a gun at my son. BG says gun shot at Maya. Ranbir says that she is not Maya.

Dushyant asked Maya that I asked you to wear your mother’s bangle, but why didn’t you wear it. Mrs Chaubey says that Maya did not wear it because of Ranbir.

Ranbir says yes I think it is old. Dushyant says that he wants this marriage as per his wish and asks where the bangle is. Ranbir says I will go and get the bangle.

Dushyant says that I will go and ask my brother to handle everything in the mandap. Prachi feels that Dushyant will not see Maya.

Ranbir says are you thinking like me too? Prachi says that I am thinking positively.

Ranbir says, even if Dushyant did not scare Maya and I think you have written in my destiny and no one can change it.

Pallavi goes to Ranbir and says that he has made some plans to cancel this marriage. Ranbir says no, but he goes.

Sarita says that Maya is alive, but if she becomes conscious then her body dad will kill us, so that she gets some cloth to tie her mouth.

Aryan gets a cloth. Ranbir gives a message to Aryan that Maya’s elder father is coming to Maya’s room for a bangle. Sarita notices the bangle in Maya’s hand.

Dushyant tells his people Chandan to come on the phone soon and they hide from him.

Dushyant discovered the bangle from Sarita and took the bangle from Maya’s hand. Dushyant notices Sarita.

Riya asks why do you bring me to this room. Aaliya asks her to get ready for marriage. The beautician prepares Riya. Dushyant asks what are you doing here? Sarita gives him the bangle, saying that he had discovered it.

Dushyant leaves the room. Pandit says that if we delay marriage then it is not good.

Mrs Chaubey says that marriage cannot take place until she finds those bangles.

Shahana says that it is time and BG fights each one more than Pallavi. Sarita asks why they are fighting. Shahana says to delay the marriage.

About Sarita, Prachi tells her to take care of catering compared to Mrs Chaubey.

Sarita goes to Pallavi and BG and requests them not to fight with each other.

Shahana tries to stop Sarita. BG asks Vikram to divorce Pallavi. Sarita tries to stop them.

Ranbir gets tired thinking that his marriage to Prachi stops.

BG and Pallavi break things in the pavilion during their verbal fight.

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