Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 18th Saptember 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 18th Saptember 2020, Ranbir makes scenes in the family in the Mandap and ruins everything.

Maya and Mrs. Choubey get worried for Maya after seeing Ranbir family fight. Alia Gunday enters the venue.

Aaliya praised Riya’s look. Thane gets a call from Goon and she asks him to meet her. Aaliya tells Riya to get ready and goes to meet Goon.

Aryan tries to hide Maya before telling her if someone marries her or not. Aaliya thinks why I think I have heard Aryan’s voice.

Dushyant fires from the gun and asks what happened. Vikram says that his fight ruined everything.

Dushyant says let’s finish the marriage because we can fight and he asks Mrs. Chaubey to wear Maya’s bangle.

Pandits say that the pavilion is ruined so it is not good until we clean the pavilion.

Dushyant tells the bride and groom to go to their places and asks the Ranbir family to arrange the mandap as before. Aaliya meets her men and asks her to finish her work.

Dushyant sees Aaliya and asks her to help the Ranbir family to build a pavilion.

Aaliya reminds her previous warning and thinks to decorate the pavilion to stay away from Riya and goes to arrange the pavilion.

Mr. Choubey thinks something is wrong. Shahana asks Sarita why she wants Ranbir to marry Maya. Sarita says Prachi is in place of Maya.

Mrs. Chaubey takes Maya (Prachi) to the room. Mr. Choubey takes Ranbir into the room and says that I don’t know why my daughter likes you.

Ranbir says yes I am a bad boy yet you are the daughter behind me. Mr. Choubey says that you are loose and did not let Ranbir get out of that room. Ranbir tried to call but Mr. Choubey took the call and said that your phone is off.

Aaliya gives Riya the same dress and Riya thanks her.

Aaliya says save these thanks after the wedding parties and she tells Ter to get ready. Riya happily thinks that Ranbir has written in her fate.

Mrs Chaubey sees Aryan in Maya’s room and asks what he is doing. Aryan said that he thought it was the groom. Mrs Chaubey says it will happen in marriage.

Aryan says that the marriage is over. Mrs Chaubey says that Mahabharata was married and sent her out. Prachi thinks Aryan comes from the washroom and goes to check if he hides well.

Mrs. Chaubey leaves after receiving the call. Alia Gunday enters Maya’s room. Prachi searches Maya in the washroom and her sardon breaks.

Goen notices Maya on the back of the couch and kidnaps her by placing them in a table tray. Mrs Chaubey asks what are you doing here. Goen says that he is taking clothes and leaves from the room.

Aryan goes to Ranbir’s room and when he says something, Ranbir stops him and says that Mr. Chaubey is here. Mr. Chaubey left after receiving the call.

Ranbir takes a call from Aryan to call Prachi. Aryan asks her to tell Prachi that Maya is in the room. Ranbir says why didn’t you hide him. Aryan says that he did not get time.

While talking with Prachi, Ranbir asked him to manage Choubey with me. Ranbir calls Prachi and thanks him and asks what is happening with him.

Prachi says that Maya Mom is irritating. Ranbir says that Maya is in the room herself and asks her to manage.

Prachi says that Maya’s mother is in the room and if she sees it then everything will be over and she will go out.

Riya eats pizza and it falls on her dress. She asks the beautician to clean the dress. The beautician goes to get the tissue.

The goon gets confused after seeing Riya with Bride’s clothes, he tries to call Aaliya to find out who she has to kidnap, but her phone calls her to go to Riya’s room rather than being kidnapped. Not available. Riya gets confused seeing him.

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