Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 19 August 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 19 August 2020, Ranbir gets a call from the agency and he says that he will get information about the thief. Vikram calls Abhi and apologizes to Prachi for doubting her. Abhi says Prachi is innocent and informs her that Ranbir has hired an agency and they have come to know about the thief.

Vikram says thank God, when you are coming home. Abhi says that he is coming and telling everyone that not all middle class people are thieves. Vikram informed Pallavi about this. Pallavi says that I will inform Alia and apologize to Prachi for her behavior.

Aaliya approaches Sunny and asks for her phone. Sunny smiles and says that I don’t have any recording and give me your phone. Aaliya asks for money from him. Sunny says that money is with my friend. Aaliya asks him to send 80% of the money. Pallavi informs Alia on the phone that Prachi is innocent and Ranbir went to catch the real culprit. Aaliya gets shocked but says great.

Pragya gifts Riya a bracelet and says that it will take away your trouble and first she gifts the garland to Abhi and she wears it as she loves him. Riya happily accepts this and tells Pragya to wear it. Pragya wears that bracelet. Dimpy approaches them and asks Riya to check her vehicle. Riya goes to check her vehicle, asking Pragya to sit in the car.

Aaliya slaps Sunny. He asks what happened. Alia says that private investigator caught your man with money and our plan flopped. Aaliya slaps Sanju the other man. Sanju feels that Riya’s plan always flops and I will get punished. Aryan and Ranbir chase the person and take a bag of money from him.

Dimpy says my car is fine, I just ask you what you are doing with Prachi Maa. Alia Prachi calls Buzzy a nd Pragya and informs Riya. Riya asks him to inform her that she will call him later.

Riya tells Dimpy that she likes him. Pragya attended the call. Alia is shocked to hear Pragya’s voice and thinks how can this happen? Maybe I am tense, if Pragya enters Delhi then she will rightly claim the properties. Pragya says that she cannot talk with her aunt, it seems that it is necessary because she called you several times. Riya says that her aunt can handle any problem and she gets anything for me and you know she says that blood is thicker than water. Pragya thinks Aaliya. Riya asks what happened.

Pragya says that it reminds me of someone. Riya says that my aunt is impregnable to her family. Pragya asks Riya to promise that she does not necessarily decide anything. Riya says that she calls Alia. Aaliya asks where are you? Riya says that she is with Prachi’s mother.

Alia feels that she is not Sarita daughter Anuradha Pragya. Aaliya tells him to reach home early as there is something wrong with their plan. Pragya says that she will go in a taxi. On the way Riya calls Alia again and asks what happened. Alia says that Pallavi told that she had received information about the thief.

Aryan and Ranbir are reminded to get the thief as they get money. Ranbir informs Abhi that he has got the money to prove Prachi innocent. Abhi takes Prachi to Vikram place with him.

Vikram and Pallavi wonder why Abhi wants Alia and all of us at home. Vikram says don’t know. Riya asks what will happen if they disclose our name. Aaliya says that she will manage it.

Abhi reaches home with Prachi. Ranbir and Aryan get money. Ranbir says that he hired the investigator and gave him the details of the thieves, as he had discovered the location and we went to apprehend him but he escaped from us but we got Rs 10 lakh from him and all of you blamed Prachi But here is the evidence to prove Prachi is innocent. Prachi feels happy.

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