Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 2 Saptember 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 2 Saptember 2020, Abhi goes with Ranbir in his car and asks if he is sure it is Sanju? Ranbir says that he is so sure and says that Sanju is a mastermind who is showing his car.

Abhi is called by the police. Sanju feels that no one can catch him.

Riya approaches Sanju and unlocks the key under the pot. Ranbir stops behind Sanju’s car and tells Abhi that this is his consent and he gets it from the bail papers.

Sanju thinks on the video recorder while taking money from Riya when he tries to get ahead of her. Abhi asks Ranbir to enter Sanju’s house through the window.

Riya notices Ranbir. Abhi chases Sanju. Abhi puts his feet on the bottle compared to Sanju and he thinks that it is Alia’s plan to send his brother behind me so that he can call Riya and record their conversation.

Ranbir gets angry at Sanju for keeping Prachi in his house. Riya rings the phone and she immediately cuts it off but Ranbir hears the ring and discovers the person who thinks someone is involved with Sanju.

Riya will not attend Sanju’s call, it seems that the whole family thinks to book me, but I will call Alia and record our conversation.

Aaliya tells Sanju to go underground for a while. Sanju says that I will not believe you, you send your brother to catch me, but if I get caught, I will tell your brother that you are the mastermind behind this plan.

Aaliya tells her to run away and says that if she opened her mouth she would end her life. The phone switches off.

Sanju goes to his room, but he does not get the key due to the ringing of the call.

Ranbir opened the door. Abhi and Ranbir surround Sanju. Riya watches everything from her hiding place.

Sanju tries to run away with Monty’s bag but Ranbir and Abhi stop him and beat him to explain why he did this to Prachi, he asks her to confess his crime.

Sanju says that I stole that money as per his suggestion. The police enter the place. Abhi asks her to reveal who she was made to do. Sanju closes the room and runs away from that place.

Abhi calls Sanju and the police plays that recording, but they did not listen properly as the phone’s speakers will not function properly.

The police takes that phone to get the call log details. Ranbir asks if you will leave Prachi. The police say yes.

Riya calls Aaliya constantly. Aaliya tells Vikram that she lodged an FIR for 10 lakhs. Pallavi says that I cannot see Ranbir in an offset mode for Prachi, if Prachi feels more happy by releasing then I will give him 10 lakh.

Vikram says it is not about the money, Prachi is innocent and a good girl. Pallavi asks why Ranbir is upset. Vikram says, because they are friends. Riya feels that she should inform Alia before the forensic department can make its voice.

Alia says that Prachi is not good for them. Vikram says that your phone is ringing as he notices Riya a missed call and asks what happened.

Riya says Sanju confesses that he has committed the crime and they had his phone and your voice recording is unclear. Aaliya asks where Abhi is. Riya says that they went to the station. Aaliya says she will do something and takes Vikram with her to the police station.

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