Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 21 August 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 21 August 2020, Abhi asks Aaliya to get her phone. Aaliya says that I cannot breathe and tells her to come soon. Abhi says what has happened to you. They go Aryan asks Ranbir why he is calling bitter gourd juice sweet. Ranbir tells that he had asked Maya to give him 10 lakh rupees, but she managed to arrange the money and came to give it to him. He says that I forgot to tell him that we managed to arrange the money.

Aryan asks Maya for help, not thinking about your honor. Ranbir says that he was thinking about Prachi at that time. Aryan says that you have risked your self-respect for Prachi’s self-respect. Ranbir says yes. Riya overhears them and is shocked.

Sanju thinks what is happening. He calls Alia, but his phone does not come again. He is about to throw away his phone and then thinks it is expensive, the network is bad and not the phone. He calls Alia’s number. Prachi picks up the phone and says hello. Sanju says whose sweet voice is this and Prachi’s promise. Prachi listens to her and looks at the phone.

Abhi and Aaliya return home. Abhi tells Vikram that Aaliya has seen the ghost. Vikram says that he is stressed. Abhi tells that Alia acted childish after seeing the spark in the wire. Vikram asks if he is okay? Aaliya says I am fine, the doctor tells that it was a panic attack. Abhi says that Sparking Ghost.

Aaliya says that she was worried for her brother, if she had a setback. She goes. Abhi says that he did this to normalize her. Aaliya comes to her room and sees Riya’s picture. She remembers Riya’s words that she is the best mother in the world with Prachi and if she meets him, she doesn’t want anything, his touch is like a medicine for her.

Aaliya says I love you Riya, she is my everything, I hate her, but Riya is my own. She explains that hatred for Pragya is not more love for me than Riya. She says that I kept the brother away from Pragya, but I cannot keep Riya away from Pragya, because she wants him to love her like her daughter. She says I have to tell Riya that Pragya is her mother, stating that she has no idea how happy she will be and hugs me. She decides to tell Riya. Prachi feels that it is not his phone, it was scratched.

Sanju thinks that sweet voice touched her heart and asks who is she? Shahana comes into the room. Prachi tells Sanju that it is not her phone as she accidentally brought someone else. Sanju says that I know that the voice of the owner of this phone is very dangerous.

Prachi says that I cannot hear anything. Sanju says that your voice is clear. Shahana calls Prachi and asks her to end the call. Sanju listens to her and thinks how Alia’s phone reaches Prachi? He thinks that Prachi’s phone should be with Aaliya and thinks how to call her.

Riya feels that Ranbir and Prachi are standing on the railing on the roof. Aaliya comes there and asks him to come down. Riya is about to jump. Aaliya holds her hand and takes her down. Riya cries and tells that no one loves me. Aaliya asks who? Riya says that Ranbir asked Maya to give him money, but she did not ask for help from me. She says that I did not talk to her. He doesn’t love me, I don’t mean him. She says I heard Dad saying that he likes Prachi.

Aaliya says that it is not so. Riya asks why I am so unlucky, my first love will be incomplete and asks her to do something. She says that my mother chooses my elder sister and she has not chosen me. I will never meet him. Sanju calls Riya. Riya picked up the phone and said I will talk to you later. Sanju says that I am outside your house and asks him to give Buji a call.

Riya gives a call to Aaliya. Aaliya asks him to buy a good phone. Sanju reveals that he has an expensive phone, but the network is poor. He asks her to meet him in the backyard of the house. Aaliya says okay She tells Riya to rest and says if anything happens I will blame myself. She reveals that she will only love him. Riya hugs him. Aaliya thinks that she cannot share Riya’s love with Pragya.

They come to meet Sanju. Sanju gives a bag of money. Aaliya asks whose money is this? Sanju says that it is your money. He reveals that Ranbir did not catch his man and calls his man. The boy tells him that he has taken possession.

Sanju says that Ranbir did not catch him. Riya says where did Ranbir get the money from. Ranbir tells that he has to keep the money back in office, tells that it is the money for the next event. Aryan tells that Neil helped him. Ranbir says thankfully Neil came to the CCTV area and said that if anyone sees the footage they will see us running after the man, wearing a mask and snatching money from him. Aryan says you are very smart.

Ranbir says that I have to save Prachi. He says that she will prove innocent. He says no one will check in the office. Aryan asks where will you return the money from. Ranbir says that I have applied the loan and once I get it, I will keep the money back and repay it to the bank. Sanju asks Aaliya to give 20 percent money.

Aaliya says that later on, you don’t trust me. Sanju says yes and asks Sauri to slap her. Sanju says yes. Aaliya tells Riya that Ranbir had snatched money from someone she knew. Riya asks what is this puzzle? Aaliya thinks and tells Riya that the puzzle has been solved.

Riya thinks of hiding money somewhere. Aaliya comes to the office and checks the money in the locker. He finds the bag empty and thinks my suspicions were correct.

She watches CCTV footage wherein Ranbir is seen extracting money from a locker. She says that it is in my hands what will happen to Prachi and her mother Pragya. She says that one glimpse of you has upset me a lot and tomorrow my game will bother you. She says that whatever Ranbir did for your daughter, your daughter has to suffer.

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