Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 22th Saptember 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 22th Saptember 2020, Vikram says that they can take help of the police. Abhi says that the police will help Dushyant and they go to the mandap.

Riya takes a call from an unknown person and tries to call and is run by goons.

With Riya Mets accident, Riya takes Riya to the hospital and informs Abhi about this. Abhi leaves the hospital

Madan and his men go to their place and think of vacating the space in front of the sons of the police.

Madan and Dushyant go inside the male sandalwood. Maya says sandalwood. Chandan severed her ties by saying that she is my boss Dushyant’s daughter.

Maya slaps Madan and leaves with Chandan. Madan and his men evacuate the place.

Pandit asks Ranbir to apply kumkum. Prachi tells Ranbir that if she does not stop the marriage, she will stop the marriage.

Ranbir says Maya comes there and tells that it will not be a marriage. Everyone is shocked. Pallavi asks who is this girl next to Ranbir?

Ranbir says I will tell you, I do not want to marry Maya. Pallavi says that we know this and asks the girl to remove her veil. Prachi shows her face.

Aaliya gets shocked and says where is Riya? Vikram informs her that Riya had met with an accident and Abhi goes to her. Alia left.

Dushyant asks who did Maya do this to you. Maya says that Prachi planned everything to marry Ranbir. Prachi says that this is a lie.

Ranbir says that I am the one who forced Prachi to come here because I do not want to marry Maya. Dushyant told Gun that everything would be as per his wish.

Vikram men say that the gun has now replaced him. Dushyant calls his men. They bring guns.

Dushyant says that your people will be finished in seconds so send your men.

Vikram asks his men to leave. Dushyant is called by the police station.

Sarita calls Dushyant to the police, telling Pragya everything.

Pragya says why didn’t you inform me earlier, it will take me so long to get there till I reach the pavilion.

Riya meets Riya at the hospital, the nurse asks her to fill in the form. The Lady states that she is not aware of him and that her father is on the way. T

he nurse says okay. Abhi drives fast. Pragya also asks her cab driver to drive fast. Both vehicles collided with each other.

Pragya leaves the car thinking that it might delay her more. Abhi says that it is your fault.

The driver says I am driving because if Madam requests. Abhi says that she is not his madam.

Pragya calls for a taxi. Abhi remembers her moments with Pragya after listening to her voice and turns to look but Pragya leaves in the taxi.

Abhi feels that he is imagining and giving money to the driver.

Pallavi and Sarita assure Prachi that nothing will happen to her. Prachi says if it goes against us and hugs Sarita. Police reaches the pavilion.

Dushyant tells them to kidnap Maya and arrest Prachi for sitting in the pavilion like Maya.

Prachi says that it is a lie that Maya tried to throw me from the pavilion and in the process she herself alerts him.

Ranbir says yes and says that he likes us who make Prachi sit in the mandap like a bride. The police ask why. Ranbir says because Dushyant warned me to kill him if we don’t come to the pavilion.

Mr. Choubey says this is a joke. Ranbir says talk seriously. Maya says that Ranbir is innocent and Prachi is guilty.

Mrs Chaubey asked the police to arrest Prachi, saying that she was a gimmick.

Ranbir says that your daughter is a gimmick and I told you many times that I cannot marry your Maya and Prachi will not go anywhere.

Dushyant warns to stop supporting Prachi. Ranbir asks the police how Dushyant is threatening him. Dushyant says that he is just talking.

Maya tells him not to do this kind of thing with his badappa. Ranbir says who are you to talk to me. Maya says I’m love you.

Ranbir says that you are a big gimmick. Prachi says that Maya does not lie. The police stop them and ask the constable to arrest Prachi.

Everyone is shocked. Sarita asks him to arrest her.

Police say that they will know the truth and to arrest Prachi but Pragya stops them and warns them not to touch her daughter.

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