Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 23th Saptember 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 23th Saptember 2020, The lady waits for Abhi. Abhi reaches the hospital and asks Lady about Riya when someone informs her that she is suffering from an accident.

Lady looks at him and says that she is the one who told him that Riya is in the 501 room. Abhi thanks her. The doctor comes out Abhi asks him about Riya’s condition. The doctor says it is a minor accident.

Aaliya rushes to the hospital and meets Riya in her room.

The nurse asks Abhi to fill in the form. Lady says sorry for the accident.

Abhi thanks Riya for her hospitalization. The woman leaves to take care of her child.

Pragya consoles Prachi. The police asked the reason for stopping the arrest of Prachi Pragya says that Prachi is helping Ranbir family as Dushyant family is doing this marriage against their will.

Dushyant says amazing acting. Pragya tells him to stop. Sarita says even she warned us. Dushyant told the police that these people are acting and why I did not inform the police if I forced them.

Pallavi says that Mrs. Choubey warned of ruining our family if we did not agree to the marriage, so we agreed. Dushyant says that these people are making stories.

Maya shows her hard hands, saying that this is proof that Pragat Prachi has kidnapped me and this middle class Prachi loves property, not Ranbir. Pragya tells him to stop the nonsense.

Police say these may be evidence of injury. Chandan feels Alia ND Madan is safe. Police say that Prachi will have to come to the police station to complete Prachi’s formalities.

Police say we will have to arrest both. Dushyant asks the police to arrest him after Ranbir’s marriage to Maya.

Prachi informs everyone through some messages in her mobile that Maya does not want to marry Ranbir. Mrs. Choubey says that what proof. Prachi says that Maya’s boyfriend is Rahul.

Sarita aunty got a Shahana message and now Rahul will reveal the truth to everyone.

Aryan brings Rahul to the pavilion. Prachi asks her to reveal it to everyone. Rahul says that he does not know anything.

Aaliya says that Madan accidentally kidnapped you and I think she has kidnapped Prachi with Maya. Riya says that this is not in our plan.

Aaliya says that after seeing Shahana, I thought that Prachi would do something, so I thought she kidnapped him.

Riya says that it is a big mess and who is in the mandap if both of us are kidnapped, then why did no one question about the bride. Alia says that Prachi is in the pavilion with Ranbir and their marriage stalled with Maya’s entry.

Lady tells Abhi to file a complaint at the police station, someone says that Riya is behind her. Abhi gets shocked and goes to Riya.

Abhi asks how he is. Riya says okay. Abhi asks who are those people who filled you up. Riya says that no one followed me and I met you by accident by calling you.

Abhi says, but the lady who met you in the hospital is telling another story. Riya says that I acted like this to get a call from them. Abhi scolds her. Aaliya asks him to leave. Abhi tells Riya to rest.

Pragya says that she trusts Prachi because she will not lie. Ranbir says that Maya is marrying me for money so that she can love Rahul after divorcing me. Pragya says do you feel it.

Ranbir says this is his plan. Pragya tells Rahul that Maya will never divorce Ranbir due to his background and he is just fooling you and you can ask Maya. Rahul asks Maya to answer her.

Maya acts as if she does not know who she is. Rahul says that I am the one you love and who has suffered the threats of your family and ruined my life because of your love and you said that we can set our life after divorcing Ranbir but here it is is. Dushyant gave him a gun to aim.

Abhi takes care of Riya at home. Aaliya comes into the room saying that she did not inform Meera about the accident. Abhi says that it is good.

Abhi gives her medicines to Riya and reveals how much he loves her and how he becomes the reason for her living. Riya gets emotional. They hug each other.

Pragya asks the police to do something. Rahul says that I will tell everyone about my love story. Dushyant shoots Rahul’s hand Maya goes to him in tears and asks someone to call the doctor.

Rahul says that there is no need for drama. Maya says that she is not acting because she loves him. Rahul tells her to tell everyone that they want to marry each parent if he takes care of her.

Maya tells everyone that she loves Rahul and wants to marry him. Dushyant and his family are shocked.

Ranbir asked did you give Maya the real facehave seen? Now let’s talk something, I know you can’t do this so I’ll tell you that I can’t marry your daughter.

Vikram asks the police to arrest Dushyant. Dushyant tries to say something but Maya stops him and complains to the police against his family and asks them to arrest him. T

he police arrested Dushyant and Mr. Choubey. All people happily embrace each other.

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