Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 24 August 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 24 August 2020, BeeGi teases everyone by saying that she went to the temple. Someone knocks and Pallavi opens the door and notices the police. The police ask him to steal money from Ranbir. Everyone gets worried. Vikram says that they are misunderstanding. Police say we have a complaint.

Ranbir says that he will accompany him to complete the process. Vikram asks who lodged the complaint. Police say they received a complaint from Fusion Beats. Pallavi says this is our company.

Vikram says how can someone steal money from his company and who complained to you. Police say they received a rain complaint. Ranbir goes with the police.

Pallavi and BG ask her to do something. Vikram says that Varsha is Aaliya’s assistant and she calls Aaliya when Varsha turns off the phone.

Alia calls and notices how she asks Varsha about the company’s money and how she complains to Ranbir about his lodge and asks him to switch off his phone. Alia says that the first step is complete and nobody knows the second step except me and I will win this game.

Riya notices everyone concerned and says what happened. Pallavi says that police arrested Ranbir for stealing money. Riya says that she will talk with her father or aunt. Vikram says that they are not giving any answer. Riya calls Aaliya but she runs away from Riya saying that she will do something.

Riya enters Prachi’s house and asks what did you tell Ranbir that he stole money from his own company. Prachi says that Ranbir cannot do this. Riya says that she did it and tells me what you told her.

Prachi says that I never let anyone do wrong. Rhea says Prachi is shocked because of Ranbir in jail.

Riya says that stealing money is your plan and now Ranbir is caught in this mess because of you. Prachi left without answering her. Riya thinks where Buzzy is and messages her.

Alia thinks Prachi is my brother’s daughter but I don’t feel like she belongs to us, I feel angry towards her for making my Riya sad, but now I hate Prachi because She is Pragya’s daughter and earlier I tried to show Yagya.

As a thief, but it did not happen at that time, but now Prachi will be a thief and everyone will address Pragya as the mother of the thief and I will make it.

Riya enters the office and questions Alia as to why she is not attending the call and informs Ranbir about her arrest. Aaliya says the game is happening. Riya says do you know that Ranbir has stolen money from his own company? How can you do this with Than.

Aaliya says that she should get reward for helping Prachi next time as she feels that Prachi is unlucky and thinks twice before helping her and it is the best time to make a difference between them. Riya asks him to do something to release Ranbir. Aaliya says that I will let her stay in jail for a day because I will expel her. Aaliya says that everything will be alright and hugs Riya.

Ranbir says how Prachi will think about me if she knows everything. Prachi reaches the jail and asks what do I have to say? I told you that you never supported a lie because why you did it. Ranbir says that I did everything to save you but I cannot see you in the eyes of others.

Prachi says why did you steal the money? I can get money from Sarita aunty or I can pay it after selling my mother’s jewelry, but why have you become a thief to me and now you are in problems and do you want your parents before doing this work Don’t think about Now the charger went away from me. Ranbir tries to say something but she stops him and says never do this to anyone and leave.

Riya approaches Ranbir and asks him to talk to her as she doesn’t think like Prachi. Ranbir said sorry. Riya says that it’s okay that you helped her because you can’t see your friend in a sad mood.

Ranbir says that he is not understanding the feeling behind my action. Riya says that you helped the wrong person who gives no value to your friendship.

Ranbir says that you are thinking wrong, Prachi also helped me in Maya problem. Riya says leave about Maya, she doesn’t think of me like you because her family means to her and you can come to me whenever you need help.

The constable says that the meeting time is over. Riya leaves by calling him a bye. Ranbir feels that Prachi is right. I didn’t think about my family before stealing the money.

Pallavi and Vikram arrive at the station and tell the inspector that Varsha is missing who complained against my son and he did not steal the money. Inspector says that we have CCTV footage proof and Ranbir is the culprit.

Pallavi says that we will withdraw the complaint from the company. The inspector says that it won’t be until Varsha asks him to bring her. Alia calls Vikram and asks him.

Vikram informs Alia that Ranbir is arrested and Pallavi says that the police do not release Ranbir until Varsha withdraws the complaint.

Aaliya says that Varsha is not reaching Phoebe. Pallavi says I know, but please find Varsha and bring her to the station. Aaliya says okay The police ask them to bring the groom with them or leave the station.

Aaliya gives money to Varsha and says that this money is enough to leave the job. Varsha gets shocked. Aaliya says that you have to act. She thinks that Ranbir is his victim to win against Pragya.

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