Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 25 August 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 25 August 2020, Sarita asks Shahana to help her and tells that whenever she gives him any work, she takes his books and calls him a gimmick. Shahana asks what is your problem? Sarita Behen says that you are the problem and states that books are not your habit. He asks her to help him.

Shahana says that you took me to the market and told that now he will not do any work. Sarita Behen tells that she will make dhokla for him. Shahana asked when? Sarita promises him and asks him to do the packing. She says she will make dhokla. Prachi comes there and hugs Sarita.

Sarita asks Behen if everything is alright. Prachi states that the allegation was not made in his name. Shahana says that Ranbir had caught the thief. Prachi says don’t take his name. She states that Ranbir stole money from her company to prove my innocence.

She says she blamed herself. Sarita asks Behen where is she now? Prachi says that he is in the police station. Sarita Behen says, I have never seen such a person before and says that he is very innocent and truthful. She says that she always takes your troubles on her head and says that I think I will talk to Ranbir’s mother.

Ranbir accepts Aryan’s words and thinks that Prachi gets upset and angry when he comes to know about the truth. He says I have never seen him so angry before.

Prachi also thinks of Ranbir and becomes restless. Shahana says that Ranbir has made me mad and asks what was the need to steal? She says she did not learn from her mistake, she went to jail in Maya’s case. Prachi tells her to keep calm and tells that he has done this for her.

She states that when my case comes she does not understand what is right and wrong. She explains that she is a crime and does not understand that only lucky people get such a friend.

Shahana says that if she is your lover then you will not be embarrassed. She asks him what you will tell if you tell him. Prachi says this thing goes in your mind and tells that she will complain to Sarita about him. She thinks Ranbir is a very good boy.

Ranbir thinks if he doesn’t consider me a friend or not, he hates me now and won’t talk to me. Prachi feels that I will not talk to him like this, I should listen to him and talk to him. She tells that she will meet him, but before that she will meet her family and tell them that Ranbir had stolen money to save her reputation. She thinks he is a really nice guy. Subhan Allah plays….

Pallavi says that you went to the temple. BG tells that she went to the temple to see if God listens to her. Meera says Panditji told that everything will be alright. Pallavi says that Ranbir cannot steal, how it happened. Vikram says that he has never touched any money kept in the house. He says the police have CCTV footage.

Riya reveals that Ranbir has stolen money from the office. I have a reason, he had stolen for Prachi. She tells that she went to meet Ranbir. He recorded their conversation and asked them to watch it on TV. She plays it. They see Ranbir saying that he has done this for him.

Prachi tells her that she will bring the money. Riya stopped the recording there and told that she had said that she would return the money, but from where. She wants to spend the stolen money on herself and does not want to repay. She says that her salary is less than my pocket money, then how will she pay.

Pallavi gets into her words. Meera says that Riya is right. Prachi comes there and listens to them. BG says that it does not prove that Prachi is a thief. Pallavi reveals that Ranbir has stolen money for Prachi and the latter is unlucky for her. Vikram says that you started again.

Pallavi says what to think about the girl who taught my son to steal and ask what I said wrong? She says that you have kept Ranbir away from bad people, now I want me to stay away from Ranbir. Riya smiled. Prachi comes in and says sorry.

She says that I did not know that Ranbir would do this for me. She says when I came to know, I also called her the same. Pallavi says enough and says that you came to know everything, but you were silent. Prachi says I came to tell you. Riya smiled. Pallavi says that she told you yesterday, but you came after knowing the truth.

Riya says that my phone was not working since yesterday, I only showed you the evidence yesterday. Aaliya brings Varsha there and tells that she met with an accident and was in the hospital. She says that I brought her here for Ranbir and all the credit goes to Riya.

Pallavi thanks Rhea. Meera says that we can take Varsha to the police station so that we can take Ranbir back home. Pallavi stops Prachi and tells that her son is in trouble because of him and asks him not to come.

Ranbir comes out of the lockup and asks if Prachi frees him. He asks if the real thief has been caught. The constable says I do not know. He comes and meets his family. Vikram asks her to wear a mask. Pallavi and BG scold her politely. Ranbir laughed. BG says I will lock you in the room.

Ranbir says that everyone locks me in the room. BG tells that thanks to Varsha that she came here to give her statement. Riya remembers Aaliya asking her to show the video till Scar. Ranbir asks where is Prachi? Pallavi asks her to thank Riya and Aaliya and tells them what would have happened if the latter had not brought her secretary here.

Aaliya gives credit to Riya. Ranbir said sorry. Riya reveals that she can do anything for him. Meera says let go. Ranbir thinks if Prachi does not know that I am freed and thinks to prove my innocence and calm my anger.

Pragya comes home. Sarita Behen asks him to come with her. Pragya asks about Prachi. Prachi comes there and cries. Pragya asks him what happened? Prachi cries. Sarita said that I have not told anything to Pragya till now. Their land line phone rings. Pragya picks up the phone and tells that the police called them to the police station.

They reach the police station. Sarita tells Prachi that she did not tell Pragya and thought that Prachi will prove innocent. Aryan comes and hugs Ranbir. He asks why did you surrender when you took your money.

Ranbir tells that your mother’s secretary did not know that I am the owner of the company and tell that she did it right. He reveals that she will prove herself innocent.

Inspector tells Pragya that Ranbir is freed and asks if he knows? Pragya says just now we came to know. The inspector asks him to write a consent form, and states that you and your daughter cannot leave the city, as Mr. Mehra’s sister suspects that you and your daughter stole the money.

Pragya says that you will believe what she says. Inspector says if you do not sign then I will have to arrest you. Pragya says that I will not sign because of Mr. Mehra’s sister, but because your investigation should be closed. She signs and then asks Prachi to sign it. Prachi hints and says sorry. Pragya tells Prachi that they will do what is right.

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