Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 26 August 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 26 August 2020, Vikram offers Ranbir his help to prove Prachi innocent, saying that he promised to make Abhi suspicious and asks how they can help him.

Abhi enters and says what has happened to us that day and I know that when someone will blame my close ones, Prachi is one of them.

Shaha asks is everything okay? Pragya tells Prachi to resign from her job. Abhi asks Ranbir about what happened that day. Ranbir explained to him about the 3 days and how he went to his house that day and he told about the time of the incident due to firing on that day.

Prachi says that it is not good if I leave the company at this time because it is a joint company and their Mehta is an upcoming show from the company, so it will not look good.

Pragya says did they think of you before entering the company? He did not believe you. Prachi says that she trusts me. Pragya says, even if Penn is missing you, you doubt it.

Prachi says that he is with me when I am convicted. Pragya says that we are coming from the police station. Alia says that Mehra, Vikram sir and Ranbir trust me except Riya’s maternal aunt. Pragya says that they did not let you work in peace.

Alia says that I will not let Prachi work in her company because she reminds Pragya and she has hurt my Riya, my Riya will get her Ranbir, Pragya will take you from here if she cares for you I will make your life hell and it will tease Prachi pic.

Pragya says that you already have so many problems that you resign from your job. Prachi agrees. Ranbir notices the notice he was accidentally clicking on the pick and he notices two people.

Aryan says that we can catch these people and prove that Prachi is innocent. Abhi says that this time we have to hire the real investigator. Vikram gives Abhi the best investigator number.

Shahha says leave this job and choose your preferred teaching profession. Prachi says that it is old time, but now I like working in this company, I have to think of people who take care of me, Vikram, Abhi, Ranbir. I scolded her for it though she did for me and she didn’t call me even after releasing me from the station.

Ranbir says how to call Prachi, she will be more upset. Aryan says, but Ranbir says that I will propose him after proving my innocence.

Aryan says that like my Ranbir. Ranbir says that I want to be her friend, not her life partner, if she accepts my offer then I will be happy if I do not have an answer then I will move out of her life.

Shaha calls Prachi and tells him to resign from the job. Prachi says that I do not say this but I will apologize to her for her behavior, she calls them.

Aryan asks Ranbir to call, maybe he is calling Prachi. Ranbir said that I will talk to Riya later because she says why don’t you talk now. Prachi says Rekha is busy.

Riya asks Ranbir to join him for Rick’s climb. Ranbir says that his health is bad so there is a need for rest. Riya says to relax and take Aryan with her. Ranbir and Prachi think of each other.

The next day Ranbir says that Chief, are you going to the event? Abhi asks Vikram about the information from the investigator.

Vikram says that they will know it very soon. Ranbir says if I have to, Prachi is with you on stage. Abhi says that this is an incident so he will be on stage when he gets a call from the investigator and he will send the address of the two thieves. They go to that place and kill the thieves.

Abhi and Ranbir beat them while they are trying to escape. Both the goons lost their consciousness.

Abhi calls Prachi and asks her to come home and gets surprised for them. Prachi agrees. Shahaha tells him how to inform Pragya as she is not at home.

Prachi writes a note. Abhi and the others take the goons to their house to find out the master mind of their plan.

Vikram brings them home and tells Pallavi to come down. Pallavi and BG ask who these people are. Aryan says that Riya and Meera aunty are coming. Riya is shocked to see them.

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