Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 27 August 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 27 August 2020, Meera asks who are these people. Riya and Aaliya get shocked seeing Sanju. Annie says that these are the same people who stole money from Prachi’s place. Prachi reaches Vikram’s house with Shaha.

Abhi says that they will become alert very soon and they have no need of a doctor because these people think of running once they become conscious. Riya and Aaliya go to the wire to tie them up.

Prachi and Ranbir look at each other. Vikram asks Abhi to record the video. Riya gets fed up with Aaliya and tells her to relax and she tells him to manage and go with the rope.

Abhi asks that these people are what you see at your house.

Prachi says yes. Ranbir says yes I caught him too. Pallavi asks what is the third. Ranbir says that his boss is still missing.

BG says that you guys resolved this matter like the police. Riya gives him the role of Aryan and Ranbir binds him. The thieves become aware when Abhi asks where they put the money and asks who their boss is.

The thieves say they don’t know. Ranbir beats her and asks her to confess.

Aryan recorded it. Riya gets nervous with him as the phone drops and she asks Abhi to check her. The goons say they belong to your people.

Aaliya goes to her and asks her to reveal it and when Pallavi informs the police and in the process, Aaliya opens the ropes and slaps the goon. Goen says I don’t like if someone slaps me. Aaliya signs her sorry.

Ranbir reiterated on Gunde’s question that Prachi asked him to steal the money, she would give him 20% commission. Alia reminds how she catches the goon and asks him to take Prachi’s name Sao, she can give him 2 lakhs.

Prachi and everyone are shocked. Meera did not do this to Prachi. Ranbir asks him real name. Riya notices Prachi tearing up more than Ranbir and says, “I know these people are blaming you unfairly.”

Sarita notices Prachi and informs Pragya on phone that Prachi has gone to Mehta’s house. Ranbir says that these people are lying. Riya says how do you feel if you take the name of others and you do not believe it because they took the name of Prachi. Abhi says that Prachi is innocent.

Riya and Alia say that Prachi type of people will use our trust to get money, it is believed that Prachi is the culprit. Prachi says I am innocent and my mother cannot bear it if the police arrest me and my mother has asked me to resign from the job, I am going to do it but you call me here and please Do not believe these people.

Aaliya says that I am leaving you with a job. The goons run away but Aryan, Ranbir stop them.

The police, who came to meet Riya, asked the police to arrest Prachi along with the thieves. Abhi and Ranbir say Prachi did not go to the station.

Sanju tries to call his men, but they are not more present than going to their Ada. The police ask how are you sure Prachi is innocent, what is that for you.

Riya says that she is just our employee. Pallavi stops Ranbir and asks him to let the inspector do his work. Abhi says that this is just a misunderstanding.

Aaliya says that the thieves confess that Prachi is a criminal and she takes mobile from Aryan. The police say that there is no need to watch the clip and Prachi should come with us. Vikram asks the police to leave so that they can solve his family’s case.

Aaliya says that this is a professional matter and asks the police to arrest her. The constable takes Prachi, but Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand and says that he does not allow it.

Pallavi asks let go. In the process, Ranbir falls down and Prachi tries to hold his hand but Riya helps him get up and asks the police to take Prachi.

Abhi says that I did not let Prachi stay in the police station for long and I have solved it whenever Prachi is in problem and this time I will solve it too.

Prachi hugs her. Abhi promises her that I will bring you back to this house with respect. Inspector says if Alia is fine then we will leave your daughter.

Aaliya says that she is not my brother’s daughter. Sanju reaches his den and empties it and thinks something is wrong. Inspector says if you are not your daughter then why are you worried. Abhi says that he is more than my daughter. The police take Prachi.

Riya walks into her room. Ranbir is about to leave Prachi behind but Pallavi sends him to his room. Pallavi asks Vikram to never allow Prachi in his company.

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