Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 5 August 2020,Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 5 August 2020, Prachi read the letter. The drama that Ranbir and his family started is sad. Shah slowly told Pallavi that BG’s reaction was more than that he had fled from Maya. Pallavi informs BG. Dushyant apologizes to them and promises Ranbir to find Maya everywhere and marries her to her.

Ranbir says that he cannot marry a girl who is in love with another man. Says Dushyant rather than annul the marriage. Maya family members apologize to everyone. Ranbir and his family celebrate. Pallavi asks who has such an idea, Shahana says it is Prachi’s idea. Pallavi hugs her and Ranbi thinks that Prachi should be aware of his love. Everyone was shocked to see that Maya had returned to the venue with her family.

Sarita says she is getting more orders and she thinks Pragya is her lucky attraction and is waiting for Pragya’s arrival. Dushyant announces that Maya is back. Ranbir says I have a letter that you ran away. Maya tears up the letter and says that she had gone to get chunari.

Prachi wonders where Rahul left Maya. Dushyant asks Prachi why he wrote this letter. Prachi says she wasn’t. Mr. Choubey and Dushyant say this is your last warning. The letter called Prachi is written by Maya.

Dushyant tries to warn her but Ranbir comes in and asks her to respect Prachi to get respect from her. Maya tells him that they are good friends so he tells her to leave so she is worried and once you get married he will take care of me. Dushyant says my daughter is fine and tells them to start music. Everyone dances reluctantly.

Prachi thinks about how her plan fails. Shahana asks what to do. Prachi leaves. Maya thinks you will never get how the story changed. Ranbir followed Prachi. Tells what happened to Rahul.

“We have let Rahul go to find out about this case,” Ranbir said. Prachi says let’s go tomorrow, now I have to go home. Shahana said that this is not just music but marriage. Prachi tells Ranbir to take care of himself and leaves. Alia praised Ranbir’s prachi.

Anulia and Sarita Ben tell Prachi and Riya about the hospitalization of Abhi and Pragya. The nurse at the hospital told doctors she had informed her family. The doctor told them to take careful care. Prachi and Riya arrive at the hospital with their family.

Pragya realizes and asks the nurse about Abhi. The nurse shows Abhi. Wisdom asks how she is. The nurse tells her how she was set once her hand was touched, and Pragya tells the doctor that she is aware of it. Wisdom recalls her moments in the elevator and says you still care like me and tell me to get up. Rhea reached the room and opened the door and she was shocked.

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