Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 7 August 2020, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 7 August 2020, Prachi was restless at night and could not sleep. Shahana asks if you can’t sleep. Prachi tells her to go to bed and thinks that Ranbir always calls her, he thinks he needs to be busy. He then decides not to pick up her phone. Ranbir comes to Abhik and asks him what happened. Abhi says, he is fine, very fine. Rhea takes coffee and says she didn’t know Vikram’s uncle was here, so she just brought a coffee. Vikram takes coffee and asks her to bring another coffee for Abhi.

Abhi puts a pillow on him and tells him that he never misses anything, her first school, her first coffee etc. Vikram gives Abhila coffee. Abhi tastes and enjoys. The record goes. Abhi asks Ranbir to sit down. He says he knows everything and tells you to do whatever you want and tells your boss to be with you. Ranbir thanked him and asked for coffee.

Abhi tells Riya that the coffee is good. Rhea thanks him. Ranbir found out that his phone was off and he turned it on. He sees Prachi’s escaped call and calls her. Prachi gets angry at her and scolds her for not choosing her call. She says if you had called me I would have said I was busy, then we would talk. Ranbir says I am talking later.

Prachi says you called me at the wrong time and she says she is asleep. Ranbir asks if you are my daughter. Prachi says no. He says you want to talk to me, but you get angry and say these are signs of a good girlfriend. Prachi says she doesn’t want such a discussion and says she’s crazy. She says she wants to sleep, and is angry. She says you didn’t pick up my call twice and then turned off your phone. Ranbir says I don’t know how he got off. She asks if you are a child. He says I didn’t tell you you were my girlfriend and asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend.

Prachi says no. He says he will go to Rahul’s house and ask why he fell behind. He says he will pick her up from her house at 8:30 p.m. Prachi finished the call and slept on the bed. Shahana tells Prachi that this is a sign of love. Prachi tells her to go to sleep.

Ranbir comes to his room and sees Riya sitting on the bed. He says he was busy on the phone in the kitchen. He asks if I can sleep now and tells her to get out of her bed. Rhea got up and sat down again. He asks why we don’t seek his father’s help.

Ranbir says that he has come to the main jail for my reasons and that is why he does not want his help. She asks how is your relationship? “I don’t want the chief to interfere in my affairs and I don’t want anything to happen to him,” Ranbir said. Rhea asks how you get out of the Maya affair. Ranbir said that the chief’s words are his orders and he will do something. Rhea fell asleep.

The next day, Prachi comes and puts Ranbir in his car. Ranbir says one thing I can’t do is stop. He says she was entertaining herself to wait for him. Prachi tells him to drive. He asks what happened? Prachi says that Shahana says anything so you came in my dream.

Ranbir asks what was I doing? Prachi says you were saying that you want to marry Maya and that is why I am angry with you. Ranbir says that he has no control over his dreams and he can do anything. He says you even came in my dream. Prachi asks what did I do? Ranbir says you told me not to marry Maya but to marry. He says I of course told and asked to marry you. He says we will go to the temple and get married.

Prachi suffers. Ranbir says I was joking. Whatever we feel during the day comes at night. Prachi saw Rahul on the street. Rahul is talking to Mayeshi and asks her if he will betray her. She says never. He sees them and runs away and comes to No. 2 telling Maya. They come home behind Rahul. Ranbir smashed a glass bottle to stop Rahul. He tells him everything that will kill him. Rahul says then you will be thrown in jail. Ranbir says you will die but we will get out of jail. Prachi brings a knife and asks him to tell her. Rahul drinks water. Prachi tells him to focus on the action.

Ranbir says he runs and catches Rahul. Rahul says when we get in your car. Maya took a break. An FB is shown, Maya tells Rahul that her mother told her a story and asks what she can do for her. Rahul says I can draw stars for you, I can die for you, we will talk about these later but first we will leave. What about diamond jewelry, bank balances and cars. He says it will take time. By the time Maya says you will be old and I will be the mother of both. He says my love will be with you. Maya said that we want luxury along with his love.

Rahul tells her to choose love or money. Maya asks do I get both? She says you will be mine and so will the money. The FB will end. Rahul says that Maya went back to music and said that she c

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