Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 7 Saptember 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 7 Saptember 2020, Ranbir feels that I know that I still do not accept you in front of Prachi, but you are mine and I am yours, no one can erase you from my heart as long as I live and pray to God Does not ever separate them.

Prachi feels that maybe their love is like Kumkum Bhagya, as mother said, we love.

Riya feels that you are Ranbir and Prachi, Maya should be out of your life. Prachi and Ranbir remember their moments.

Rahul calls Maya in a state of intoxication. Maya asks why do you call me. Rahul says that I do not trust you.

Maya asks why are you drinking when you promised me not to drink, Rahul says that I am afraid that you will never divorce Ranbir because he does everything.

Maya says that I will divorce her. Rahul says that you should love him because I love you but I am scared. Maya says why are you drinking.

Rahul says I do not want to loose you. Maya Riya cuts off her call when she gets the call. Riya asks him to meet her from behind her house. Maya leaves to meet him. Dushyant notices her and follows her.

Maya asks why do you call me here. Riya says I told you to do drama but why do you take it real, finish everything.

Maya says that everything has changed with the times and has moved on from our lives otherwise I will be leaking your fake molestation charges that you had planned on Ranbir with the help of your Alia, causing your whole family to hate you Will, Prachi will not get it. Riya slaps him to stop him.

Maya says even I can slap you but I feel bad for you, Ranbir will be mine or Prachi’s, but it will never be yours and you are nowhere in the race.

Riya says that she said that she is of Ranbir. Dushyant comes to Maya and says that you have made many mistakes and we are correcting everything that forgives you.

Now we have another enemy and if they do anything then we have to leak their secret to everyone.

Prachi recalls her past moments when Ranbir sneaks through the window and asks if I can come inside.

Prachi says yes to her dream state once she realizes that she is real, he asks her to leave but she enters. He tells her to use the windowsill door and asks why he came.

Ranbir asked if you remember the plan to take money from Ranbir and Maya after their divorce, so I don’t want to have a relationship with her.

Prachi asks who do you want to relate to. The two see each other in a dream. Ranbir set his hair.

Abhi says on phone not to cancel the marriage as this marriage is not important as she notices Riya in tears and asks what happened.

Riya says that Maya is not backing down and I cannot see their marriage.

Abhi says that Ranbir is not saying anything to me so I cannot but Riya says that she does not want you to get involved in any problem because of her.

Riya says if you ask me then stop. Abhi says yes and my 6th feeling is saying that it is not married.

Riya hugs him happily. Abhi feels that Ranbir did not marry Maya as you are his love and he will fight for you.

Prachi asks her to answer. Ranbir is with you.

Prachi is surprised but she changes her words and asks Prachi to be with her in marriage because she feels good whenever she is with him, don’t you leave me alone.

Prachi promises her that she will never leave him.

Ranbir thanked him. Someone knocks on the door. Prachi gets stressed. Ranbir says that you will never have problems because of being there and tomorrow I will be married to someone but I will wait for you.

Both got lost in her eyes and she went through the window. Prachi opens the door and notices that she does not see anyone before walking towards the window.

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