Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 8th Saptember 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 8th Saptember 2020, Aaliya thinks that brother did not buy you a house, even he met you in the elevator.

maybe he thought that Riya would not like you, but here Riya likes you and she forgives you for leaving you in childhood She does it, but I cannot defeat her, I tried to tap you and Prachi but her father saved her.

Aaliya drops Pragya’s pics with Riya’s sudden entry.

Aaliya gets scared and the pictures fly away. Aaliya asks what happened.

Riya says that Maya is not backing down and if she tries to stop me I will reveal my plan and I cannot hate my father. Alia assured that she would break up the marriage and make her marriage with Ranbir. Riya said fondly to him.

Prachi thinks how to stop the marriage. Shahana says that Sarita Mausi is under stress for Ranbir, hoping that it will not be a marriage.

Prachi says that I will not let this marriage happen. Shahana says but everyone is afraid of Maya’s father. Thana Prachi gets Dushyant’s call.

He says don’t tell anyone that we have told you not to attend the wedding, hope you are a sensible girl who cares about your mother and family.

Shahana asks what he said. Prachi says that she is warning us to harm by entering Sarita’s room.

Maya gets ready and thinks that everyone wants to break this marriage but I will not let this happen and I will not divorce Ranbir, I will also meet Rahul, double game.

Maya’s mother tells him to get ready and goes to take Bharata. Someone enters Maya’s room in a veil. Maya asks who are you?

Dushyant and his family welcomed Ranbir’s family with appropriate rituals. Riya asks if we can break up this marriage.

Alia assured us that she will be yours and your problem is Prachi, not Maya. Riya agrees and leaves. Aaliya says that I cannot let Pragya loose my control, so Pragya will be my enemy.

Maya notices Rahul and tells the beautician that she wants to talk with her aunt. Maya asks what are you doing here?

Rahul says because I think you betray me, you don’t plan anything. Maya says that I am marrying Ranbir for money and I will divorce her so don’t feel insecure because I love you with Ranbir. Rahul feels happy.

Mr. Choubey forces Ranbir to ask him anything. Ranbir and Aryan leave that place. Ranbir says that these people can go to hell once after getting my Prachi.

Aryan says that you will go to hell after marrying Maya. Ranbir says don’t joke. Aryan apologizes to her, Ranbir thinks where Prachi is.

Dushyant asks Prachi and his family to stop showing them pix to their men and informs them that he will then decide what to do with them.

Prachi and Shahana enter and hide with Sarita, Prachi thinks that I know that you are searching for me Ranbir.

Mrs. Chaubey praised Ranbir’s look. When Aryan and Ranbir say something, he takes it as a joke and tells Maya that she will feel good.

Riya goes to Maya’s room. Maya tells Rahul that aunty you go but Riya notices Rahul when her veil falls down. He leaves. Riya asks who she is. Maya says that she is a drama artist because I am planning a play.

Riya says do you think I’m an idiot. Maya says you need a doctor.

Mrs Chaubey says that my daughter loves you and if you love her then your love story will be complete. Maya says I do not leave Ranbir.

Riya says she does not love you. Maya says that this is an arranged marriage and she will learn to love me. Riya says stop it and this is my last warning, disappear from here, and don’t forget that I gave you money to shut down Ranbir.

Mrs Chaubey enters with Ranbir and asks what you are saying. Maya says that I can reveal the truth.

Ranbir holding Riya’s hand said that I believe Riya and her motives are always good and she wants to see me happy so don’t create misunderstandings.

Mrs Chaubey says that you do not think Riya gave money. Ranbir supports Riya, saying that he trusts her and gets hyper. Mrs. Choubey tells her to spend time with Maya and takes Riya with her.

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