Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 9th Saptember 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 9th Saptember 2020, Mrs Chaubey asks why do you know from our son-in-law that he is marrying Maya.

Riya says that she is not married yet. Mrs Chaubey says that you and Prachi are trying to stop the marriage. Riya says Prachi’s name is not involved in Ranbir’s affairs.

Mrs Choubey warned him not to show his attitude.

Riya says that I am born with a viewpoint and because of my mistake this marriage is taking place and I have come to cover it and leave. Mrs Chaubey thinks what is wrong.

Maya asks what she looks like. I met your love Rahul in Ranbir days and I came to know about your plans.

Maya says why are you spoiling my image because you want to be with that Prachi. Ranbir says that I am talking about Rahul why are you including Prachi.

Maya says that no one knows my love story with Rahul, but everyone knows your story with Prachi and if anyone asks me I will say that I do not know any Rahul and Rahul is my past.

Ranbir says that he is your love and you want to be right with him.

Maya says no and I told her that he will not take any wrong step and I cannot divorce you because you are my present and future and I will be yours.

Ranbir was shocked. The beautician goes to Ranbir from that place and gets upset thinking how Maya will get out of the trap and she calls Prachi saying that she can only help him but she could not attend his call.

Prachi gives her a message that I cannot come today. Ranbir got tired.

Maya comes to Ranbir and says that my mother said don’t hide anything from your husband.

So I tell you here that we warned Prachi and her family not to attend our wedding.

Ranbir notices Prachi, Maya asks where she is. Ranbir says maybe I imagined it. Maya leaves after the beautician’s call.

Ranbir discovers Prachi and dodges Aryan. Aryan asks him to call Prachi.

Ranbir says that the Maya family has warned him so that Prachi does not endanger her family and Maya says she is not divorcing me and my life is over.

Riya says I am with you I will stop this marriage. Ranbir says that you cannot and only Prachi can save me from these problems.

Punjabi dancers enter and Pallavi dances happily with Mrs Chaubey. Aryan says that it seems like Pallavi’s aunt agreed to the wedding.

Ranbir says that once he heard Punjabi music, no one could stop him. Dushyant takes her to dance.

Ranbir dances with them. Prachi is with that team in a veil and she signs Shahana to adjust her mustache and goes to Ranbir and shows his face.

Ranbir happily dances with him. Prachi says that I am the one you saw in the corridor and she is Maya so she cannot talk with you and he takes her aside.

Ranbir asks what are you doing in the veil? Prachi says that cannot come normally. Ranbir says that I have come to know and even after his warning you have come for me, thank you.

Prachi says I have to come, how can I allow Maya to marry you. Ranbir says why can’t you see my marriage with someone. They got lost in themselves.

Prachi says because we are friends and I came to fulfill my promise to break your marriage with marriage. Ranbir asked why. Prachi says because I care about you.

Ranbir says even after warning of Maya’s baby dad. Prachi says yes I am more concerned with you. Ranbir says that you are my friend so tell me who is the girl for me. Sarita approaches him.

Ranbir asks what are you doing here. Sarita says that these people ordered catering to Kallu Halwai and I took money from her saying that I will do this food and I have come here to help.

What does Prachi ask for? Sarita says help you break this marriage, if you do not need me, then I will go.

Prachi hugs her. Sarita says that Dushyant warned us and I did not even inform Pragya. Ranbir thanked him.

Pallavi gets worried saying what is happening here. Aaliya says that we have to increase our will power because it will work accordingly. Pallavi says that everything is going against my will.

Mrs Chaubey introduces her relative Rajjo and says that she was married just like Maya, but now that she is blessed with children, Ranbir will learn to love Maya.

Prachi leaves Dushyant in a veil but she stops him and asks who are you, why are you going inside?

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