Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 18 August 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 18 August 2020, Abhi asks Sarita how she came to know that she came to him with a tape on her right shoulder. Sarita Behen says that she played this game in childhood. Abhi says that it has taken you more time to make tea. Sarita Behen smells the aroma of tea. Abhi says that it is good.

Sarita Behen tells that she does not want to ask, but tells her that she wants to ask about the money. She reveals that he had caught the thief, but they had placed a knife on Prachi’s neck and escaped with money. Abhi asks him don’t worry, their pair won’t set.

Sarita Behen tells that she wants to set her up with Prachi’s mummy, but she will reject him as she still loves her husband. Abhi says that I will reject her too as I still love my wife. She says that her husband is dodging and she cannot forget him. Sarita Behen says she will show her picture, which is hidden in her box.

Pragya calls Sarita Behen and tells that she is coming home. Sarita tells Abhi that they cannot come today as she is coming. Abhi says that he will see the photo of the heroine and not the photo of the loser. Prachi and Ranbir come towards each other.

Prachi says thanks Ranbir. Ranbir says whatever happened to you… he says that I do not understand. Prachi remembers Alia’s bitter words and Ranbir takes a stand for her, that he knows Prachi and his family. He wiped his tears. Subhan Allah plays …… Prachi cries. He tells her not to cry and says that he will fix everything. He says that he will cry even if he does not stop. He asks if I will erase.

Riya comes there and is jealous upon seeing them standing nearby. She walks among them and tells that she had come to get her key.

Alia gets footage of Sumit molesting the man and he reveals that he will prove that Prachi is a thief. She thinks that every hand Riya holds is hers, and everything I see, her life is ruined.

Riya walks out and thinks that Prachi has taken away everything from her, first Ranbir and now Papa. She wonders why you did this to me and hit the car. Pragya comes there and asks what happened? Riya hugs him and asks him not to leave her. Pragya says that I am here only.

Sanju calls Alia. Aaliya says that you have got time to call me now. Sanju says he gets a call and answers. He says I don’t have your number and asks why did you call me? Aaliya asks him to return the money which he stole. She says what will happen if I tell the police.

Sanju says that I also have a police number and I will tell that you have stolen money from me. Aaliya says if the police will believe my point. Sanju tells that he has a recording of their conversation from day 1 and he can listen to the police.

Aaliya is surprised. Sanju says that I had learned in childhood that if you befriend the snake, first find out about its antidote. He then reveals that he does not have the recording, he was joking and asks him to tell him where to put the money. Aaliya says I’ll call you later and end the call. Sanju feels that Riya will call me now and scold me. Aaliya feels that Sanju is a professional and she will call him from PCO.

Riya tells Pragya that whenever she meets him, she feels and feels fulfilled to meet her mother. Pragya says that she also feels fulfilled to meet him and tells that her daughter can be like him too.

Riya asks what do you mean? Pragya then gets a call from Sarita Behen and she tells him that she is outside with Riya. Sarita Behen tells Abhi that Prachi’s mother is with Riya. Abhi says that we will surprise her outside.

Riya tells Pragya not to go inside and tells that her mother had left her. She asks do you think of me? Pragya says yes, as I care about you and I want to fill the incompleteness of your life myself. Riya says why are you so good, I like you, but I am not like Prachi.

Pragya asks why? Riya says that I am jealous. She says that you must be talking negatively about me. Pragya says that I do not feel jealous or negative things. She says that there is jealousy between the sisters and asks what is her date of birth. Then Riya feels pain in her hand and Pragya takes care of her hand. Abhi and Sarita come out and see Riya talking, but don’t see Pragya.

Riya asks Pragya to accompany him on a long drive. They go Abhi calls Riya, but she is already in her car. Sarita said that Prachi’s mother is also gone. Abhi says that she can hate me. Sarita said that Prachi’s mummy likes you. Abhi says now I go. Sarita Behen tells that she will not let him go before having tea. Abhi feels that Riya loves Prachi’s mother and feels good.

Pragya asks Riya what happened? Riya tells that Dad doesn’t love her. Pragya tells him to stop his car. She says that our parents are like trees and it cannot happen that the tree does not shade its roots. She says that your father loves you very much.

Riya reveals that she is not his perfect daughter, she is not a good daughter. Pragya says that your dad loves you very much and says that during the award function, Prachi said that your dad has praised you a lot. She says even you call her when you are afraid or in trouble, because she never lets you miss your mother. Riya asks how do you understand so well.

Pragya says it comes with a job, I am a mother. She asks if he wanted a daughter like Prachi. Pragya says yes, I feel proud to be her mother and says that I would be even happier if I had a daughter like you. Riya becomes happy. Pragya reveals that she had someone close to her heart.

Riya tells that Prachi is lucky. Pragya says even I am lucky that I got a daughter like you because of Prachi. Riya says that whoever brought you here from Hoshiarpur, thank you very much for that. Pragya hugs Riya.

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