Kundali Bhagya 30 November written Updates

Kundali Bhagya 30 November written Updates, Karan advised Habash that he would break Preeta’s marriage before leaving. Animal lover Preeta notes that the marriage is also legendary and could return to Earth. Sharilyn meets sir at the business center and knows that Preeta and Earth have gone very well. The creature tried to find out if the earth had exactly increased its appearance.

He taught that creation was recorded on earth, convinced that he would abstain from marriage. After watching the video, the earth expressed that you may want to surrender to the marriage. Long after Creation, Earth welcomes Sarla into her room.

He gives her a box containing medication to provide her with coronary breathing failure in which she is mixed. He drinks a lot of water, thinking of a strange taste. At that point, he gets a rig to hold the container and takes a pot of water all over which the liquid flows.

Mahira walks around again with a house rakhi and family members. Her mother says that Karan has never rekindled love and is not always in the family. The grip resolves to make a video call to Karan, but Kriya has never asked her to do so again. Rakhi feels that Karan has come to love her regularly and is determined to win her down again.

Karan hinders his identity when going with the abundance of earth. Karan hurries to the abundance of the earth, when summoning the sixth word and turning it over. When Karan goes to the abundance of the earth, he advises the earth to stop the marriage.

The earth denied that he wanted to kill himself. Saying that Karan had beaten Mahira, Sarita later resolved to marry Preeta and Prithvi. Karan asked the certificates to kill the marriage even more. Horoscope fate was updated on November 30th

Horoscope Fate Against the horoscope, Janaki forces Prita to leave the marriage with a manual to take her to the depths of the earth. Preeta advises her on earth not to marry. Karan and Hub are enjoying their sixth wedding ceremony outside the entryways and Karan calls Preeta. Preeta is addressing the earth and cuts Karan’s call. It is very important to have only a well-known marriage on earth. The Chronicle’s end has been captured by the Creator only to acknowledge the request for marriage on the planet. Karan’s mother and mother are trying to save Rakhi from marriage in Prita’s circle.

Karan buys the whole thing that the earth asks for her wedding. Karan said that we cannot relinquish our commitment until Prita is pulled. The earth is disturbed in his room that Prita never wants to marry again. To make Sarita terrified, Preeta’s wedding resolves to present her with a heart attack.

Sir knows that she has neglected some things for the wedding and is far from looking for her. She was hit with Karan but Hebbs VI turned out to be Karan at the really exceptionally viable moment. Evolution to become a sir, but Karan’s face was never clear again. Creation taught Preeta that she had designed the world that she possibly would not marry Peeta so that as she recovered from her threat, they changed her mind.

Sarla meets Charlene at the market where she is buying vegetables. Sherlyn kills Preeta. Sarita restores Sherlock’s lock and says that Prita has hit the earth. She is back in Mumbai and wants to meet Charlene on earth. Seeing this message, the earth was astonished and Creation became interested.

Karan sees his grandmother at the wedding and Eve’s corpse stops him. For what purpose does Creation ask for a message that understands the earth roughly? Earth causes events. Creation says she believes the earth will come to her marriage. Prithvi says that he is going to retreat in any way that will not make him guess.

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