Kundali Bhagya 15 December

Kundali Bhagya 7 December 2021 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 7 December 2021 Written Update, Sameer and Shristi reach on the kidnapper. Shristi asks Sameer if he’s positive that is the perfect region and he is aware of that is in which they had to come.

Shristi takes out a knife, Sameer gets stunned asking if she is making plans to kill anybody. Shristi tells him that because there are kidnappers within the mill, so she brought this for protection. Sameer exclaims he doesn’t have any for him. Shristi takes out one extra knife which she had added for him.

Shristi tells him that she is aware of he could come unprepared; he asks her to follow him and walks into the compound. After this Sherlyn in conjunction with the companion makes certain they both get unconscious after forcing them to smell Chloroform.

Kidnapper comes there and captures Sameer and Shristi. Meanwhile, Sherlyn tells kidnappers that she is going to head and take a look at what is going on inside. Pihu questions the individual to place her down announcing he’s a pleasant man or woman but he ought to positioned her down as her mother has come to keep her so she will go along with her within the car.

Sherlyn comes there and tells about Sameer and Shristi. Rajiv and Sonakshi get taken aback, Sherlyn replies that Sameer and Shristi had come due to the fact Preeta called them. Rajiv questions why she delivered her here, she replies that she turned into getting hungry so she came to invite if there has been any food.

Pihu right now tries to wake up Preeta however Sonakshi is not capable of see it. She gets indignant and so pushes Pihu who hits the barrel. Hearing this Preeta wakes up and goes to see Pihu

After some time, Rajiv attempts to split them but Preeta pushes him away. Sonakshi additionally forces Pihu away from Preeta. Pihu lifts the veil of Sonakshi, Preeta is greatly surprised to look this and asks why did she do this to her. Sonakshi begins laughing and replies that she wants to be the wife of Karan.

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