Kundali Bhagya 15 December

Kundali Bhagya 8 December 2021 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 8 December 2021 Written Update, Sonakshi informs Sherlyn that their paintings is performed. Sherlyn unties Simi and tells herself that nowadays it’s going to be a final day for Preeta in Luthra house. She reaches Luthra house and receives relieved due to the fact nobody noticed that she changed into not inside the house till now.

She gets geared up to show that Preeta isn’t always a terrific mother. Kareena tells her that Sonakshi found Pihu’s location. Sherlyn receives excited and tells her that today Sonakshi proved that she is Pihu’s real mother. She says to her that she need to grow to be a mother like Sonakshi.

She tells her that they gave Pihu’s duty to Preeta but she did nothing for Pihu. She reminds them that it’s Sonakshi who stored Pihu on Diwali day and Sonakshi maintain proving that she is ideal mom.

Rakhi asks her that how can the latter compare mom’s. Sherlyn tells her that she knows that Preeta loves Pihu but it’s Sonakshi who discovered Pihu while Preeta just crying in her room. Rakhi asks her to stop it. Kareena takes Sherlyn’s facet.

Preeta reaches Luthra house and meets Police inspector outdoor the residence. She enters the residence and tells Luthra’s that Pihu is pleasant. She hugs Karan.

He notices her harm and asks her about it. She tells him that she is nice and she rescued Pihu and that’s what topics. Dadi asks Preeta that why the latter appears happy now. Preeta tells her that Pihu is safe and so others that’s why she is relieved.

Rakhi asks her that after the latter left the residence. She apologizes to her for leaving with out informing everybody. Then she apologizes to Karan. Dadi asks her that why the latter abducted Pihu. Sherlyn tells them that Preeta wanted 2 crore to save Sarla’s “kumkum bhagya” hall that’s why.

She recollects that how she learnt that Sarla needs 2 crore rupees to save her “kumkum bhagya” corridor and also how Sarla hided about the hall problem from Preeta. Preeta receives burdened and asks her that what’s she announcing. Sherlyn proves that Sarla needs 2 crore rupees to save “kumkum bhagya” hall.

Preeta notices Sonakshi and asks her to leave the residence. She exhibits that it’s Sonakshi who abducted Pihu and Sonakshi isn’t even a mom of Pihu. Kareena scolds her for accusing Sonakshi and blames her for Sonakshi’s injures.

Dadi tells Preeta that it’s Sonakshi who found Pihu’s region and he or she even risked her existence. Preeta tells her that she saved Pihu. Karan tells her that he is aware of the fact so she need not to say whatever. She tells him that the reality is Sonakshi is Pihu’s kidnapper. Mahesh tells Preeta that she have to have asked him immediately if she desired cash then.

Sonakshi asks Preeta that how long the latter goes to hassle Luthra’s. She tells her that the latter were given infant but failed as mom. She says to her that it’s the latter who abducted Pihu. Preeta tells Dadi that Sonakshi isn’t always Pihu’s mother and she is the use of Pihu to turn out to be Karan’s wife.

She tells Sonakshi that nobody will accept as true with the latter’s faux story. Karan asks her that wherein is Pihu. She asks him that why he’s speaking to her like this. Dadi tells her that no one will agree with her and that they knows the truth already. Karan informs Preeta that kidnapper took her name as perpetrator.

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