Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 1 February 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 1 February 2020, Creation tells love not to worry about anything because they have got a good lawyer to fight Pita’s lawsuit. Preeta tells Sarla that they will not need a lawyer. Karan says that Karan had come to visit him earlier and had promised to prove that he was innocent, but only to release Pita from jail.

Eta Sasha tells Sherlyn that she doesn’t have to watch the video to prove that Preeta is innocent. Ly tells Karan that Sherlyn is leaving the house for a brief moment. Karan tells Sasha that he is going to meet Preeta in jail. Hab wants to accompany Shabbat but Karan tells him to stay home as Sherlyn will make some plays before leaving.

Sherlyn goes to Grandma’s room where Rakhi and Kareena are waiting for her. Sherlyn tried to return all the jewelry she had given him as a gift to her. Rakhi demands to know why Charlene is crying. She tells them that hab six told her to leave the house. Karan also said she didn’t want him in the house. She says that hab shabha believes in love more than she does.

Preeta is in jail after seeing Karan going to the police station. He goes to her prison cell and asks her if she is okay. He told Preeta that he would give her a clean chit and get her out of jail. Preet asks Karan why he cares about her. Karan tells her that he can’t stop thinking about her while he is at the party.

Rakhi tries to convince Sherlyn that Pre-Shabha knows that Preeta will never try to kill Mahira. Sherlin said she had already given police evidence that Preeta was innocent and yet Rakhi did not believe her. Rakhi decides to solve things by talking to hab six, but Sherlyn gets out of the room with her bags. Everyone blames Rakhi for not supporting Sherlyn.

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