Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020, Preeta tells Sarla that she had thought to tell Karan the truth, but she did not believe that not only her but no one would believe her.

He tried to expose Sherlyn many times already, but at that time no one believed him, instead of just blaming him. Sarla taunts, saying that no one in Luthra’s house believes Preeta, yet she marries her house son and agrees to sacrifice his life for them.

She says that Preeta can also hurt her own mother for that Luthra family and says that Luthra has always insulted her, yet she goes there to save her from going against her mother.

She says that she is tired of Preeta, so she cannot keep her at home and asks her to leave the house. Janaki tells how Sarla can get her daughter out of the house as she is not that kind of mother.

Sarla yells at her and tells her to shut up if she can’t but she can also leave the house with Preeta.

At Luthra’s house, Mahira tells Sherlyn that she has done a lot of things to marry Karan and that she will do everything in the future too but only she will become his wife.

Sherlyn suggests him to tell Karan how much he loves her and rises his life for her. Mahira apologizes to Sherlyn for her behavior. Sherlyn asks him to promise her that she will not behave again, only then will she forgive him and say that if their quarrels continue, Luthra will start suspecting him.

Sharleen says that Mahira should be happy that Luthra did not accept Preeta as her daughter-in-law and that Sarla would also drive her out of the house, so her chapter is just over from her life.

At the Arora house, Sarita scolds Sarla for insulting Preeta by scolding her when she explains the reason behind her marriage to Karan.

She says that Preeta respects Sarla a lot but she is not ready to understand him and his decision. Janaki scolds Srisi for blaming Sarla. Sarla completely ignores Sister and kicks Preeta out of the house.

Sister asks Sarla not to treat Preeta like this before she slaps Sarla and tells him not to interfere.

Sarla says that she is the mother of both of them and she knows what is right for them and they have every right to punish them if there is a mistake. She warns Preeta not to enter the house again.

Prithvi says that Rishabh and Karan make her life hell and Karan snatches her love from her. He swears to snatch everything from Karan.

He decides to destroy her and snatches Preeta from her as well. Sister packs her clothes and says that she was going to leave the house at Luthra House with her sister, they insulted her here and Sarla insulted her.

She says that Janaki can come with him if she wants otherwise he has to live with Hitler Sarla for a lifetime. She tells Preeta to leave, saying that they don’t need anyone.

Janaki goes inside saying what has happened to Sarla suddenly. Sister asks Preeta not to cry, but Preeta says that she wants her mother. Upon hearing the voice of Sarla crying, Preeta goes to her and hugs her, then hugs Sisteri too.

Sherlyn wants to celebrate Preeta’s exit from her life that Mahira says that her situation is still the same, so why should she celebrate.

Kareena tells Dadi that Rakhi finally realizes Preeta’s real face as to why she asked her to leave the house. Dadi tells Mahira that Luthra is with her and she knows how much she tolerated for Karan.

She asks Kareena to start preparing for Karan and Mahira’s wedding.

Sarla says that Preeta marries Karan to protect Mahesh but why she becomes weak in front of Sherlyn and Mahira when they insult her and asks why she came back. Preeta looks at her with confusion.

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