Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 10 August 2020, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 10 August 2020, Karan tells Preeta that he is missing her and asks what he is doing in Mahesh’s room. She says he should stay with her to witness her marriage. Rakhi asks Kritika to bring more flowers. Grandma tells the priest to tell her if she wants anything else.

Sameer asks the priest what he wants. The priest says he needs a bride. Sameer is confused when he hears this. Grandma says Priest is talking about Mahira. Mahira reached there with Sherlyn. Sameer says he will take them all away.

Ramona asks Shabha to join them. Karan saw Preeta’s tears and asked Mahesh why she was acting with fake tears. He says we know she should be blamed for her father.

Preeta thinks of telling her about Mahira and Charlene’s plan. He tells her to listen once and speaks badly. He tells her to keep quiet, saying he doesn’t listen to her and doesn’t believe she has fake tears either. Sister asks Sameer if he plans to end the marriage. Sameer says what should he do now. She asks Karan and Preeta about their plan to get together.

Karan takes Preeta with him. Hab Shabhan saw her and told her to release Preeta’s hand. Karan tells him not to interfere, you know what he is doing.

Mahira tries to stop him but he stops her from saying anything and says that she also knows that this marriage will not happen without Preeta. He tells the priest to start the ritual and tells Rakhi to tie the alliance clothes, this time will be real.

Seeing that Rakhi had formed an alliance, Preeta remembers how Saritha and Karan got married. Karan asked Preeta to pay attention to him. Priest asked Karan to focus on his marriage to Mahira. Karan says I know what he is doing and asks him to do his job. Grandma says how can Karan do that with Priest. Karan says that everyone knows that whenever someone comes between him and Preeta, he doesn’t like her.

Sister asks Sameer what he wants. He says that Karan should do what he did in the marriage of Preeta and Prithvi. He says he should swap on it. She asks but who will marry Mahira. He says he has no one else who rejected his own plan. The priest tells Karan and Mahira to stand up for the pilgrimage. Mahira asks Kritika to give a flower to Preeta.

Seeing the call of the Prithavi, Sherlyn left. She tells him that she wants to finish Mahesh’s chapter completely and is surprised to see Prithvi at Luthra’s house. She asks what he is doing here. He says that’s why he started meeting her. She asked him to tell her the real reason.

He says he has come to take care that there will be no problem in Karan and Mahira’s marriage. She says the pheasant has already started and she will handle it, so there is no need for it. He says that Preeta is here which means she is going to stop the marriage. He says that Preeta can also commit murder.

He says that Preeta still considers Karan as her husband and has not allowed anyone to marry her husband. Karan says he doesn’t know Preeta because even though she is legally Karan’s wife, she didn’t stop the marriage going against Luthra.

Sarla tells Janaki that Preeta needs her so she should go to Luthra’s house. Janaki stops him. Sarla says that this time Preeta can’t take care of herself so she has to stay with herself otherwise Preeta can do something for her which she will have to regret later.

Sameer says he feels suffocated and needs fresh air to think freshly. The sister stopped her, saying she was a coward and trying to avoid him. He has an idea to stop the marriage. The police come there and tell them to stop the wedding.

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