Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 10 February 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 10 February 2020, When Rishab arrives home, he announces that he has been asked to divorce Sherlyn. Karan is waiting to appear in Mahira’s court to hear Preeta’s trial. When Mahira is in the auto space, there are some goons around her. Karan hears this mess and thinks he should go to save Mahira.

Meanwhile, Karan talks to hab shabh and says that Mahira will withdraw the case, but he has promised to marry Mahira. The two hug each other because Karan feels bad. On the side, Sarla announces to everyone at home that Preeta believes in Karan, she doesn’t. But R Shabha convinced her that Mahira would stick to her word.

Mahira and Karan are going to court and she claims to have hurt her leg. She tells Karan to go ahead and wait for her in court, when she goes to the doctor. Sherlyn received a call from Preeta’s lawyer who had bribed her. She realizes that she won’t fight the case without paying the amount promised by Sherlyn.

Preeta’s lawyer is with Charlene in the car and he threatens her that she will consciously win the case if she doesn’t bribe him now. Creation sees her go and rushes to court. Luthra and Aurora reach the court and exchange bitter forms with each other.

Preeta, who was surrounded by a female constable who was brought in a police van, is also present. Krishi reaches court and tells Sarla that his lawyer is cheating on him. When the lawyer arrives, Sarala slaps him heavily and breaks his promise to get Preeta out of jail.

Lawyers no longer refuse to fight their case. Karan asks another resident lawyer to help, and assures Sarla that everything will be fine. In the courtroom, Creation tells Preeta about outside events, and the latter episode becomes stressful. Sharlene was later confronted with the creation about her actions and the girl was threatened that if she tried her love for her and her family, she would have to repent of her life.

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