Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 10 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 10 January,Charlene called on the prithavi to say that she had been humiliated by someone at the Lutra House. The prithavi calms Sherlin and says that whoever yells at her will take revenge. Rakhi is talking to Karan and she asks hab shabha to explain something to him. Rakhi hugged Karan and hab Shabha. Sherlyn holds a bottle of oil and looks at Rakhi.

Police arrest the robbers and start searching for the rest of the place. Preeta and Karan argue over who called the police to find out that they both called different police stations and only two responded. The prithavi is trying to hide from everyone, but the police find him. Sarla tells the police that the prithavi is part of the family but no one else on prithavi can see it.

Prithvi tells Sir that when he hears something wrong there, he comes into the hall. Family thanks to Preet for saving his family but he also deserves some credit for that. Sarla interrupts them and tells them that Preeta did everything for Kumkum Bhagya Hall, not for the Luthra family. She takes Preeta home and welcomes the hero to protect the hall and preserve her reputation.

Rakhi went to Mahesh’s room and shouted because she thought she would die without him. Rakhi tells Mahesh how Preeta saved her life and also mentioned how her love for Karan was seen in Preeta’s eyes. Mahira is approaching and she looks at Rakhi. After listening to Rakhi, she says that Preeta is in Luthra’s house and has her arm. Rakhi asks Mahesh to get up and make Preeta an arm of the house.

Mahira goes to her mother crying and asks her to talk to Rakhi. Karan asks Rakhi to explain that she doesn’t like Preeta. Sherlyn heard Mahira’s conversation. If Preeta enters the Luthra family, she feels that her situation in the house is in danger. Preeta and Karan sit in their rooms and remember the moments they spent together.

Preeta remembers that Mehndi fell into her hands and Karan is her husband. Karan was also happy that his mehndi fell into the hands of Preeta. They both deny that they still have some feelings for each other.

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