Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 10 March 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 10 March 2020, Preeta meets Mahira and promises to prevent her from marrying Karan. Mahira and Sharlene mingle with the brothers in Karan’s glass and bribe the waiter to give Karan a glass. Preeta stands beside Karan and pretends to accidentally call in a glass to prevent her from drinking. Mahira and Sharlene realize that Preeta knows their plan. The master decided to close the room in another room until his plan was completed. Sherlyn takes the prithvi aside and flirts with Prita for still being liked. The prithvi convinces Sherlyn that he loves her, not her love. Sherlyn hugged the prithvi, but the hab was just gone.

Sherlyn sees that Sher Shobha is passing by while hugging the prithvi. She pretends to cry and the prithvi hides behind a curtain. Sharlene tells Sasha that she wants to play Holi with her outside. He tries to leave the prithvi, but when he sees him, he hides again. Mahira locks Preeta into the room and locks Creation into asking about Preeta. While Maheer drank Karan, Krishi and Preeta found a way out of the closed room. Rakhi tells everyone that Mahesh is awake. Preeta helps Mahesh get a panic attack after seeing Sherlin in his room.

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