Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 10th Saptember 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 10th Saptember 2020, The constable tries to arrest Karan, at which time Rishabh says that it is unnecessary, Karan will listen to him and perform rituals.

Preeta stops her by saying that she has not committed any crime, saying that her mood is not good.

The police inspector says that he and the women of the NGO are fighting for the rights of Preeta, so he should not take her side when he is insulting her.

Rakhi assures that Karan will do nothing wrong with Preeta and begs her not to arrest him. She requests Karan to perform rituals for her with Preeta.

Preeta asks Mahira to take a plate to Kareena for her help and Mahira does so without any choice. Rakhi is hesitant to apply tilak on Preeta’s forehead.

Mahira goes to her room and cries. Sherlyn says that Mahira is always in trouble but she runs away and the next day Preeta throws her out of the house.

If family members protest, she will call the police inspector again.

Mahira asks why Sherlin talks stupidly, she has done nothing wrong till now and says that she loves Karan and can do anything for him.

She says that Preeta cannot throw her out of the house as she plans to throw her out and the next day everyone will witness that even the police cannot do anything and this is her challenge.

Sherlyn says that Mahira forgets the most important thing which is Karan and Preeta’s first night which is going to happen tonight.

Preeta stops Rakhi and says that Sarla was worried about her when she left her home thinking about her safety, so now she wants her family to witness her homecoming so that they can get relief.

The NGO woman says that the idol daughter can only say like this and that she will become a good daughter-in-law and praise her for her views.

Karan jokingly says that he will have to stand like this for two hours. Rishabh says that two minutes is enough as he is going to call Sarla.

Preeta calls the video sister and tells Sarla about her hometown. The police inspector assured Sarla for the safety of Preeta at Luthra’s house.

Rishabh takes the mobile to Preeta saying that she will show the ritual to Sarla and tells Rakhi to continue the ritual with a smiling face.

Arora is happy to see Preeta’s home entrance. Rishabh says that now Karan and Preeta will take blessings from the elders and ask why their family looks at them strangely and says that they know about the rituals because he is already a married man.

Dadi thinks what happened to Rishabh, why she seems happy with this marriage. Karan and Preeta seek blessings from the elders.

Rishabh asks Arora to bless the couple and welcomes Preeta.

The police inspector congratulated her and said that she would continue to know about Preeta. Sarita gives sweets to Sarla to celebrate her happiness.

Preeta goes to Mahesh’s room and says that now she will protect him and call him father.

She says she will not let anything bad happen to her family. She asks him to bless her, saying that she needs strength to fight evil.

Mahira says that Preeta is such a clever woman that she will try to seduce Karan but he is not thinking what to do.

Sherlyn says that Karan does not want to see Preeta’s face either. Preeta enters Karan’s room and remembers the moments shared with her.

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