Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 11 August 2020, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 11 August 2020, Saying that she has come and blamed Preeti, the grandmother never asked the police officer to trust Preeta, the officer tries to explain but Ramona mentions that she is not trustworthy and she should not just trust Preeta. An agenda to stop the marriage of Myra and Karan. Mentioning that she will surrender after the marriage, the police officer says that Karan did not come to arrest her.

Preeta thinks she is gone and is crying but wonders if Karan is having trouble in marriage then why should she cry.Preeta says that she has the reason and means to stop the marriage, but she does not trust him as she is not interested in stopping it but she mentioned that it is not her agenda. The police officers stop them as soon as they find out that the kidnapper has come to their house behind the whole scheme and so they have reached there to protect them.

Prithavi exclaims that she has won against Preeta and he has won over the Luthra brothers but if she can’t win against Preeta it will be just a dream, Charlene mentions that she has made all the plans according to a plan and not fulfilled like Prithavi. The one who has always ruined everything, even mentions that he has made a mistake by coming to their house as if someone caught them they will start asking questions which he cannot give.

Prithvi pulls out his mask which makes Charlene angry but Prithvi says that she should never say anything wrong against his mask because it is not beneficial, he also mentions that he has done a lot with it, he says that she should not worry about Preeta because She also mentions that she has no intention of doing anything wrong but does not believe in the Prithavi because she clearly states that she is overconfident and they do not know that Preeta has the ability to do anything, demanding that Sherlyn get angry at him. He never says her name because she can’t stop the wedding because when she was coming they were starting circles and it only takes them 5 to 10 minutes to carry it out, they both go out and agree to see what the truth says .
Observers in the hall explain that after the abduction they began to keep a close eye on the entire

Luthra family and sent some of their officers to inspect the house and they saw the same abductor enter the house. As his plan to abduct Shabh is still unfulfilled, he is still at home.
Srishti explains the plan to Sameer who can’t believe it, they try to explain once again where they mixed the chemical in Karan’s drink and he fell unconscious so the wedding won’t take place today, she tries to find something for when Sameer asks her if she What is he looking for but she can’t explain to him, then the two get into an argument and she was about to leave, she stops him saying the pills are in his room and the two urge Karan to drink it. And marriage will never happen. They are going to kiss but then stop and go into the room.

Myra is trying to call Charlene in the hall but she can’t connect which makes her worried because she and her friend will be very upset because she promised that nothing will go wrong and now she can’t marry her.

Ishab shows the inspectors the rooms and when Karan sees Preeta he starts looking for her, when she says her name both Sherlyn and Prithvi hide in the room and they start arguing and Sherlyn mentions that he has come i.e. he has got it. Married and now teasing Preeta, but when the inspectors asked if they found anything, they were both stunned, Prithvi said she shouldn’t blame her for saying the police had come to find him, he understood that maybe it was as true as us. When she had a kidnapper, she was reluctant to ask Sherlyn for help because she had an idea of ​​the house and she knew where it would be safe, Sherlyn went mad at him, mentioning that she would not help him.

Karan had said that he was watching to get out of the hall of Shabh, Sameer and Shrishti were standing when he came, they both handed him a glass of drinking juice but then mentioning the kidnapper who shocked both Sameer and Shruti, he realized that the kidnapper must have gone into Shabh’s room.

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