Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 11 February 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 11 February 2020, Karan says that Preeta will probably trust him again but he will have to marry Mahir. Preeta looks restless on Karan’s statement. Both Karan and Mahira are worried about Sara not appearing in court. She cares that they won’t be there at the court hearing. The master tried to call Karan but one of her captors threw the phone in her hand and hit him very loudly. Karan heard Mahira screaming for help on the phone.

Krishna and Janaki tell Sherlyn that her plan has failed. Creation says she realized that Sherlin was bribing their lawyer. Sharlene is shocked to hear that her plan has been revealed and she has failed. Janaki tells Sherlyn that they will go to prison instead of Preeta. Sherlyn slaps her lawyer and goes to court again.

As the court proceedings began, Sherlin was found in a truck driver’s court. She tells him to leave but he demands more money from her. Sherlyn promises to pay him the next day if he leaves immediately. Preeta has pointed this out, and Sharlene suspects that she is up to something. Preeta’s lawyer says he will not be able to properly litigate the case because it is late and on such short notice.

The judge agreed to return to the case after an hour. Preeta is kept in another room where Karan goes to meet her. Ramona tells everyone that she doesn’t spend any time with Karan, while promising to marry Mahira. And Shahab tells everyone that Karan and Preeta are spouses and no one should come in to them.

Seeing Karan, Preeta said that she was not worried. She is convinced that Karan will release her from prison. Karan is surprised that she believes in him to get her out of trouble, despite being abused so often. She just wants to know what Karan told Mahira to speak to the court to defend her.

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