Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 11 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 11 January 2020, Sharlene tells Mahira that Grandma and Rakhi will favor Preeta. She has promised to help Mahira in any plans to marry Karan. Mahira said that no matter what Sharlene said, she was going to tell the family that Sharlene was responsible for Grandma’s accident. When Grandma’s accident was reported, Preet decided to go to Luthor’s house. Sarla stops her from going.

Rakhi is serving everyone at the dinner table. She tells Grandma to take extra almonds because Love said it was good for her health. Sherlyn tries to make a point because Rakhi talks about Preeta. Karan and hab six join Rakhi in defense of love. Ramona says Preeta and her family may have hired robbers to attack Luthorus.

Karan tells Ramona that he knows Preeta’s family and they will never do so. She thanked everyone for saving her life. Rakhi is scolding Sherlyn for provoking people against Preeta all the time. Sherlyn goes to her room crying and calls Earth. She tells him that Rita has spoken to her in a rude manner. Earth promises to help Charlene avenge Rakhi.

Rakhi went to Karan’s room with Sasha. She tells them that even though Sherlin is right, they should not talk rude. Karan refuses to follow her advice. Sherlyn sees Rakhi and takes a bottle of oil in her hand. She hugged herself on the steps and slid down Rakhi, hurting herself. She hopes Rakhi joins Mahesh and also goes into a coma.

Mahira was seen floating on the sidewalk and then met Rakhi. Karan and Toh speak to Rakhi before Karan goes down. While talking on her phone, Grandma is walking and the oil doesn’t look at her. Mahira was shocked when Grandma slipped on the oil and fell.

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