Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 11th Saptember 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 11th Saptember 2020, Sarla calls Preeta and says that her mother gave her a lot of advice on how to treat her mother-in-law and she is not getting what she advises.

Sarli and Janaki ignored Sarla’s words. Sister says that it is really hard to understand Sarla’s feelings because no one can easily guess when she will cry and laugh.

Sarla says that this is a new beginning for Preeta, she needs to handle all the relationships carefully and whatever problem may arise she should not let anyone break her family.

Preeta says that Karan did not even want to do the ritual of homecoming with her and was chanting that she was not his wife.

She says that Karan still blames her for Mahesh’s condition and thinks he entered her house with some intention and asks how to handle her.

Sarla says that Mahira and Sherlyn create the misconception that she is there now so she does not have to worry, everything will be alright, she will also have to fight for herself while fighting for Mahesh and Luthra.

Preeta says that Karan also told a lie that he sent some legal notice and asked for alimony. Sarla says that Sherlyn and Mahira must have lied to him to provoke him.

She says that Karan is not a double faced person and she is also Preeta’s friend, he fights her, gets angry at her but she is the one for him.

She says that the last time Karan left Preeta she was still expected to reconnect with him, so she never took out her secret chain.

She asks him to maintain all relationships with love, not because of compulsion. She advises him to make a fresh start with Karan.

Sherlyn tells Mahira that even Karan does not want to see Preeta’s face, but he accepts her as his wife that he had just come to Luthra’s house for money and nothing else.

She says that Karan is right only he can prove Preeta wrong and nothing can happen between them. Mahira says that Karan hates Preeta, so Sherlyn rightly says that nothing will happen between them.

She says that Preeta’s fight night dream will break today and the next day when she takes her out of the house, all her dreams will be broken.

Sarla says that she knows that Preeta will clear all the misconceptions about her love and her friendship.

She says that Preeta knows all about her strength and weakness so it will not take time to clear misunderstandings and she will win all the hearts too.

Preeta says that she will respect all relations. Sarla blesses her.

Karan argues with Rishabh as to why he told the women of the NGO about the Griha Pravesh ritual when he explicitly told them that the ritual does not take place in their home.

Rishabh says that he just told the truth and asks why Karan lies to him. Sameer teases Karan saying that the police inspector was his fan.

Karan says that he just wanted to take a selfie with him. Rishabh asks them to leave her room saying that she needs to rest. She is already tired.

Karan says that today he will sleep with Rishabh. Rishabh tells her to go to her room. Karan asks why he can’t sleep with her. Sameer said that this is Karan’s first night.

Dadi takes Karan with her, saying that she will not go if she does not want to go to her room. Sameer calls Sister and tells her that tonight Karan is going to sleep in the guest room.

Sister says that he needs to do something to help Karan and Preeta. She says that Karan will do everything Preeta doesn’t want her to do, so Sameer tells her that Preeta doesn’t want her in her room.

Sameer says that he will not tell Karan anything. Sristy says that if he didn’t hear her he would tell Luthra that he tried to kiss her in the kitchen. He was shocked to hear that.

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