Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 12 August 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 12 August 2020, Karan asks Sherlyn where the kidnapper is, he knows he’s hiding here. Christy, Sameer and Karan search the room and the Prithavi hears their story. Mahira thinks Charlene doubles up on her and keeps trying to call her. She looks at Preeta and wonders why she is coming to her.

Preeta remembers Mahira’s plan to kill Mahira. Luthra asks how she has the courage to think of hurting him. Kareena came there and Mahira asked what she was doing here on her special day and said that she should not go around like that. She says that Mahira doesn’t have to worry about Preeta, Karan doesn’t invite her because he loves her, but that’s why he hates her. She says that Karan also knows that Preeta is unlucky for him, so he thought that at least after marriage she would leave him. She said that Preeta was responsible for Mahesh’s health and asked Mahira to stay away from her.

Sherlyn was going to drink the juice made by Certi, but before she could drink, Certi would remove the glass from her. Shristie says it’s not for her but for Karan’s interest. They go away from there. Preeta meets Sirti and Sameer, says she was just looking for him and notices a glass of juice in Sirti’s hand and tries to drink saying she is thirsty.

Shristie says she’s not for Preeta and takes the glass back. Prita complained to Sameer that she was not given her juice and took her glass from her and started drinking but Karan snatched the glass from her. Karan says that this juice is made for him, this is his juice so he drinks it.

Karan and Preeta quarrel over who will drink the juice. Christy supports Karan, for which Preeta teases her. Eventually Karan takes interest and Preeta angrily leaves. Christy and Sameer are happy and go to find the kidnapper.

The Prithavi struck them as Charlene hurt to hide him from others. She says you should thank her for saving her otherwise she will be in jail now. He asked her to give him water and she should think about how to hide it from everyone because he did not want to be imprisoned. She says he should leave the house in front of the police and change his dress if anyone identifies him.

Ishab tells Sherlyn to open the door. She hides the Prithavi inside the cupboard and says that she had already thought about the reason you were going to tell them. She told Shabha that they can’t go inside because Mahira is ready inside. Preeta listens.

Kareena tells Mahira to stay safe as the kidnapper is still at home. Mahira went to her room and she thought it was her wedding day. Charlene should handle her question so she doesn’t have to take any stress and look beautiful, she won’t think about it anymore. After seeing Mahira in her room, Preeta suspects Charlene.

Prithavi asked Charlene to open the cupboard, saying she felt exhausted. Sherlyn said the door is stuck she can’t open it. Preeta peeks into Sherlyn’s room and sees her with the masked Prithavi. She realizes that Sherlyn is behind the abduction, so she is hiding the abductor. Charlene says she needs to run away now, about property that she can think of later. Isabha knocked on the door. Preeta thinks no one can save the kidnapper now. Preeta stopped to hit the kidnapper on the side of the window. The Prithavi thinks of escaping through the window.

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