Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 12 February 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 12 February 2020, Mahira’s lawyer tells the judge that all the evidence against Preeta indicates. He asks the judge why we are looking forward to our decision. Sherlyn looks happy when the judges announce that.

Habshun heard Mahira’s mother complain about meeting Karan’s preteen. He reminds them that Karan has grown up and been an adult. He told everyone to stop interrupting Karan’s life. Karan refuses to tell Preeta how he managed to help Mahira.

Preeta then asks Karan if she is going to marry Mahira. Karan tells her that he is sure to marry Mahira just as she is about to be with Preeta. He gets Mahira’s phone and hurries out of the room. The master told Karan that she was going to court but some bullies run towards her. Mahira escaped from them in an auto-rickshaw.

The rickshaw driver left Mahira in an abandoned building, saying he was afraid of the gang behind her. The expert tries to call Karan for help and he is already heading towards her location. The kidnappers find Mahira and hold her back. They tell Karan on the call that he will not leave Mahira until the case of Preeta is completed.

The master begged Karan to help her, but when they reached the abductor’s cave, the master slapped the kidnappers for throwing her phone away. She tells them to stand outside and stop anyone from entering. The master then called Charlene and told her how she had been abducted to get herself out of court and even taken to Karan.

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