Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 13 February 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 13 February 2020, Sherlyn tells Sarla that Preeta had gone to jail because of Karan’s plan. She points out that Karan and Mahira’s Preeta wanted to go to jail and that is why they both disappeared during the court hearing. Karan was seen hugging Mahira outside the court and ran towards him. She pulled him aside and slapped him repeatedly in front of everyone.

Sherlin tells Mahira that she will call him when she has finished Preeta’s case. She says Mahira could appear in court after the verdict, when and no one can help save Preeta. Mahira tells her goons to keep an eye on Karan when he gets there. Meanwhile, Preeta’s court hearing has begun and Karan and Mahira are scared to disappear from the courtroom.

Karan reaches the abductor’s cave and the master tells the men to bind her. When Karan tries to free Mahira, someone kills him with a rod from behind. Karan fainted and fell to the ground. The master scolded the goons for hurting Karan. She does not know that Karan is not unconscious. Karan tells Mahir’s name and asks if she has abducted herself.

All the evidence in the court is against Preeta. She wants to go out and find out if it’s okay. Police prevented Preeta from going and raised her for re-examination. Eventually Karan falls unconscious and wakes up to bind Mahir, while a kidnapper attacks him with a sword. Karan kills the kidnappers and takes Mahira to court.

Charlene looks at Mahira in court and tells her to pretend she is weak. Sherlyn goes inside the courtroom and shows them the video. The video proves that Preeta tried to kill Mahira. The judge declared Preeta guilty, but hearing that Karan had arrived with Mahira, the entire Lutra family left. After that, Mahira says she was abducted.

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