Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 13 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 13 January 2020, Sherlyn tells Mahira that she knows the only way to get Preeta out of the Lutra family. She further said that once Preeta leaves, Mahira will be free to marry Karan. When Mahira asks Sherlin about her plan, Sherlyn says that she needs to kill Preeta. Mahira was shocked to hear this. Preeta leaves the house to treat the tooth’s feet.

Shardin moved his beard over the oil, and the foot fell down. The whole family rushes to her as she steps down the steps. Hab Six took Grandma to her room and asked Sherlyn to take the first aid box. The master noticed the oil marks poured over the piara. She realized that all of this was part of Sherlin’s plan. She sends Sherlyn to the room and listens to her.

She heard Sharlene saying she should step down from the ashes. Mahira tells Charlene that she is going to reveal her plans to the entire Lutra family. Sherlin says it won’t help Mahira at all. Sharlene also mentioned that Mahira and Karan wanted to get married at the Lutra House .He is one of the few people. If Mahira goes against her, she will lose a big supporter.

Mahira was shocked to see Karan talking to Preeta to treat her grandmother’s injuries. Mahira refuses to come to Sherlin’s level and decides to tell Rakhi everything. As she walks into the room, Karan invites Preeta to treat her grandmother’s injuries. Mahira was hurt when she tried to get another doctor’s recommendation, but Karan and hab Shash refused to consult her. Karan says he just needs Preeta to take care of her grandmother. Mahira goes out and asks Sharleen for help.

When Preeta realized that the tooth was injured, she immediately decided to go to Luthra’s house. Sarla stops her from going because she thinks they will insult her again. Preeta promises to go there as a doctor, not as a professional, but as a friend or arm.

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