Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 14 August 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 14 August 2020, Preeta exclaims that she should do something as no one can loot the property of this house so easily, Preeta mentions that Sherlyn is still the daughter-in-law of this house so she can do nothing but make sure she is right. She has come to this house as a daughter-in-law to find satisfaction and to make sure that Sherlyn and Maira will not be able to destroy the family, she wonders what her mother will think.

She remembers how Janaki came to her mother and Luthra solves Preeta’s problem with the family because the two of them are very upset now because of a quarrel with someone, Janaki explains that they can’t stop talking to anyone in the community but what to do because they can stop everyone from talking No, so they should talk to Luthra’s family and send her back as Preeta is now married,

Sarla explained that she doesn’t care about other people’s thoughts but she only thinks it’s right for her daughter, she is sure Preeta can’t do anything wrong Since she always stands with Preeta, she assures Janaki that she will calm him down by talking about bilateral life.

Preeta thinks that the decision she is going to take will change everything but she is sure that her mother will stand behind her in every decision. Kareena went to Shab and asked him if he felt bad about what Sanjana said, Shab states that he is not worried about what she says because she is not a member of his family, Karina mentions that she should not say that because she is his mother-in-law.

Ishabh says she never felt like she was never behaving like a mother, Kareena says his wife is really taking care of him and she was also very upset when he didn’t come back home, she informed Rathi, after talking to him about the tires their car broke down, she Apparently she had never called, how he would have told his family that he was stuck because of a flat tire, he asks for time, and when he heard the news after 1pm, he was shocked when he was abducted by 12.

Pping Shabha thinks she was the one behind the abduction and so he sees the knife in the abductor’s hand and the problem is more annoying than the thought of trying to talk to her but Rakhi calls him Pandit who is calling, he goes to talk to Pandit.

Sherlyn asks Grandma where Myra is, Grandma mentions that she has a day and she can do whatever she wants. Sher Shab asks if he needs to talk to Charlene about something, Grandma refuses to let her go but he insists and while pulling her she thinks he has finally thought of her, then he mentions that he needs to talk about Preeta Ji.

Preeta stands in the hall thinking that no one can change the horoscope written for her and she is still Karan’s wife, so how can she give her license to divorce, she is the Sita of this house and she can’t change since Sita is always with Ram , She wiped away her tears and then went to meet Myra saying that she was Karan’s wife.

Myra is thinking in her room that she is going to marry Karan, she wonders how many girls would have thought of this but she is the only one because she has courage, Preeta asks her what she is doing to her in her room Myra said that Karan She must have been sent to the tent.

Karan said that Karan doesn’t understand what satisfaction he is getting but Preeta pulls his hand, she threatens that Preeta will never dare to do it again, she tried to leave but Preeta stopped by asking her where to go, Myra said. She is going to the tent, Preeta says that she is still Karan’s legal wife so Maira can’t marry him.

IShab brings Sherlyn into the room, he says she doesn’t scream and can only speak in a low voice, he asks why she kidnapped him, Sherlyn doesn’t understand how he found out, she mentions that she doesn’t know what he means “I know she only knew the suspect before but now he has the evidence and wants to know why she was abducted,” he said, adding that he knew he had done it for his money.

Maira gets angry when she asks if she is drunk, she says she is not drunk but Maira tried to get close to her in Holi, then she will be able to forcefully marry her but it didn’t happen she was there to stop her and now she is standing in front of her,

Myra mentions that she is going to marry Karan, but Preeta still does not say that Preeta is still Karan’s wife and a person under Hindu law. He can’t marry another girl until he marries another girl, Myra mentioned that the marriage between Karan and Preeta was a joke but Preeta explains that Charlene also told her that she was Karan’s legal wife. Preeta explains that she is Karan’s wife and she tried to inform Maheri that she should go back but she did not listen, Karan has said that her marriage will last for seven years.

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