Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 14 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 14 January 2020, Preeta is looking for drugs in the store room. Karan stands there to give her light. They ask her why she escaped, even though they have abused her. Preeta says her destiny should be linked to this house. Rakhi tells Preeta not to leave her alone because it is late. Karan tells her that he will leave her at home.

Preeta tells Sarla that she will be back soon after finishing work. Sirla still hesitates but lets Preeta go. Mahira is crying because she feels that everyone has trusted Pita more than she does. Sherlin says that if Mahira wants to replace Preeta, they need to kill Preeta first. Sherin’s imagination has shocked Mahira.

Kareena is upset because Preeta is late to her house. Karan decides to let her go. As they were leaving, Preeta entered the house and pushed each other. Karan holds Preeta and they look at each other with love. Mahira sees this and becomes even more restless. Preeta tells Karan that she needs to check her grandmother and goes upstairs.

Sammy and Creation set out for a date. Creation forces him to eat ice cream at home. Sarla and Janaki hiding behind hide them in vegetable cars. Sara and Janaki ask for the same vegetable. Sammy and Crete hide behind the car, the real vegetable dealer handles them. Janaki looks at Sammy and Creation but says nothing.

Preeta helps Grandma recover from her injury and asks for her medicine box. Rakhi tells her that the drugs are in the storage room. Preeta walks towards the store room and tells Crete she is in the Lutra house. Krishna is back in the car with Sammy and is excited to hear that. Karan sends Preeta to the storage room.

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